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When we speak to our industry partners, there is a common recurring theme about keeping pace with the rapidly changing industry landscape and the notion of future-proofing networking commercial models. 
According to PwC 1st CEO Study, over 80% of telecom telecommunications leaders expect disruption from both direct and indirect competitions over the next five years. The telecommunications industry has changed drastically since Epsilon first started in 2003, and as a result, so has our business. Yet even after 15 years, there has been only one constant – our tagline, “Connectivity Made Simple”. It has always been the core of our customer-centricity strategy in meeting the diverse networking and connectivity needs of our customers.
Epsilon’s network is now deployed across over 220 Points of Presence (PoP) globally and we continually grow our presence in new geographies every month. We are pleased to now have two new live PoPs in Tokyo, which expands our Global Interconnect Fabric into Japan with added Trans-Pacific and ASEAN sub-sea cable links. 
The new PoPs are located in Equinix Tokyo TY6 and AT Tokyo. Tokyo is a critical hub for both business and creative industries in APAC and a core global interconnect location in the telecoms market. Customers who are already pre-connected to our network fabric will benefit from the extended reach into Japan whilst Japanese Carriers and Service Providers can now reach global destinations, world-leading Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges.
For greater simplicity, partners can customers can rapidly provision these services at the click-of-a-button using Infiny by Epsilon, an on-demand connectivity platform, via a web-based portal, APIs and mobile apps.
In tandem with our new PoPs in Tokyo, our recently established partnership with BBIX, Inc. is no coincidence. BBIX services in Japan(8 PoPs), Hong Kong and Singapore. It provides direct peering for global telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Data Centre Operators ad Content Providers at various locations including Softbank’s Maruyama Cable landing Station (CLS), one of the largest submarine CLS in Asia. BBIX uses its unique geographic position that has made it an international subsea cable hub and supports the exchange of Internet traffic between East Asia and the West Coast of the US.
We are actively growing the number of Internet Exchange Points (IXP) on Infiny to support the growth of peering globally. With this partnership, BBIX benefits from the growing ecosystem of new peering partners available at its Exchange while Epsilon adds new global IXPs to our Infiny platform. Service Providers now have on-demand access to BBIX’s Internet Exchange service in Tokyo via a seamless user experience on Infiny.
At Epsilon, we often look at long-term strategic partnership and are invested in our partner’s success. As we expand our services, partnering – encouraging interconnection, sharing of market insights and opening up new opportunities for collaboration – remains central to our business.
“Connectivity Made Simple” is more than a tagline, it defines our brand values and ethos. Our customers and Partners can always rely on us to connect whenever and wherever they need, now including Japan. We are excited to accelerate our growth in APAC region to bring you greater reach and interconnect options.
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