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For too long, automation in telecoms has been isolated on individual networks. Today there are tremendous opportunities for Cross-Carrier automation to transform the wholesale ecosystem. APIs are accelerating how we interconnect and increasing the reach and scope of on-demand connectivity.

Epsilon is using APIs to integrate its automated Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform, Infiny by Epsilon, with other Service Providers to create one seamless on-demand infrastructure. The integration of APIs enables inter-network services to be accessed and deployed in real-time globally.

We’ve been partnering to develop real-world Cross-Carrier automation deployments. This year, we have announced new partnerships with Service Providers around the world to accelerate global connectivity through the integration of on-demand network infrastructure.

Our partnerships are more than just a proof of concept. They demonstrate bi-lateral network orchestration and how real-time inter-carrier automation can work in an active environment. With the initiative, we are truly delivering two-way inter-carrier orchestration in the real world and preparing our partners to deliver the future of networking.

These partnerships are a big step forward for network APIs and the future of on-demand connectivity globally. It will help to drive the definition and delivery of industry standards for interoperability of network APIs that is in line with the Metro Ethernet Forum’s vision of automation and service orchestration.

Our Cross-Carrier automation strategy has opened our infrastructure to the world’s largest networks so that we can offer on-demand connectivity anytime, anywhere around the world. We benefit from on-demand access to our partner networks while enabling them to extend their reach across our global backbone.

On the flipside, our partners benefit from an uplift in geographic coverage and an extension of reachable communities including Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges. Their customers will be able to access the global footprint of both companies to roll out new applications and services rapidly around the world.

At the click-of-a-button, customers can seamlessly access network resources. The integration of APIs gives them visibility into network performance across both ours and our partners’ footprints, enabling them to monitor and manage their services. They can connect, scale and optimise their applications and services using on-demand connectivity from a single portal or API.

Epsilon is delivering an entire approach to support the future of SDN that is hyperconnected, hyper-scalable and driven by APIs. We are matching Cross-Carrier interconnectivity with the development of our own network to serve new demands. Our recent 100G deployment shows that we are tirelessly expanding our global reach and continuously developing our own network as well as innovating in Cross-Carrier connectivity to serve and support the demand of Big Data, Cloud and IoT.

By driving automation across our networks, we can explore more ways to innovate in our services, operations and processes. This is critical as the market changes to support new technologies. We must move faster with greater agility and flexibility to ensure our partners’ success.

Epsilon is changing what’s possible in the wholesale ecosystem. We’re taking real steps towards industry standards in networking APIs and enabling the automation of the entire lifecycle for services orchestrated across multiple provider networks.

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