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End user experience defines success for all digital services today. A mobile application with excellent user interface can fall flat if it offers a low quality of experience. No matter how good the service seems, end users will just tune out, turn off and unsubscribe. The truth is, there are plenty of choices for consumers and that makes user experience a true differentiator.

The main goal for providers of Over-The-Top (OTT) and content and media services is to efficiently grow their users. This is achieved by combining a unique offering and new value with an optimised user experience. In our mobile-driven world, we are seeing the rise of “Super Apps” – an all-in-one application with tons of features – which allows users to do everything from payment to messaging.

Media consumption is no longer centred on TV alone but has also expanded onto mobile and other devices. This has contributed to the rapid growth of online videos and according to Statista, the number of online video viewers in the US alone will increase from 213.2 million in 2016 to 236 million users in 2020. As demand for digital streaming services grow, so does competition in video content.

Delivering consistent, high-quality experience can be very challenging as digital consumers want it all and want it now. They expect an app to work anywhere around the world with the same quality they always have. However, establishing connectivity in new markets means greater business risk and be extremely expensive which does not make sense for OTT and content and media providers.

To deliver quality content and services, the fastest and cost-efficient way to do that is with Remote Peering. That means accessing Internet Exchanges (IX) to exchange internet traffic with local providers without needing to establish presence in new markets. With our Remote Peering solution, organisations of all sizes can benefit from peering on-demand anywhere around the world. They will be able to deliver their services with an optimised end user experience while growing their business efficiently across the globe.

With over 20 world-leading internet exchanges connected to Epsilon’s network fabric, you can remotely peer at major business and technology hubs globally using our Software-Defined Networking (IX) platform, Infiny by Epsilon. Our MEF-certified Ethernet service offers reliable private connections and enables you to scale your network at the click of a button. This means you will never need to invest in new infrastructure to establish presence in new markets to peer at the exchange. Infiny gives you complete control and visibility on the network performance so you will always be ahead in delivering the best user experience.

As these digital services continue to transform to meet new demands, we are focused on keeping things simple for OTT and content and media providers. To learn how you can peer at IXs around the world, get in touch with us or simply register for an account on Infiny today!

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