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Epsilon is truly a global company. Not only do we operate out of multiple countries around the world, we are made up of people who are all uniquely different. With over 200 employees across five offices in Singapore, London, New York, Dubai and Sofia, we interact with customers and each other in multiple languages daily.

Everyone has a role to play in making Epsilon an inclusive place to work; a workplace where all employees are encouraged to innovate and strive to become leaders of the industry. Besides embracing a melting pot of culture, women leadership is strongly represented in Epsilon and we are already seeing huge shift towards more women taking on bigger roles in our industry.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many exceptional women who are talented, professional and business-minded. Yet, being in this industry means having to work with a lot of men. If you look at the engineering and technical teams in the industry, it is very likely you will see a gap between men and women. To say the least, things are changing today.

At Epsilon, I am seeing this in my own team as well as at the managerial level where women make up almost 50%. According to a survey by AT Kearney, women on average held less than 20% of senior leadership positions in the telecommunications industry. It is good to know that we are rising above the norms.

Embracing diversity and inclusion is more than just paying lip service to a cause that is popular. It means taking real action towards empowering real change in the company and across the industry. You may ask, what does it mean to empower women and how can my company benefit from this?

Surprisingly, there are actual benefits for businesses that embrace diversity and inclusion. With a strong representation of women in Epsilon, we are now seeing real benefits in driving:

1) Creativity and Innovation

Across our industry, we are known for our comprehensive suite of solutions and our global coverage. I am proud to say that women play a critical role in driving Epsilon’s creativity and innovation and in solving some of the most challenging issues every day.
At the helm of Epsilon’s global network and product portfolios are two brilliant women leaders who possess strong technical knowledge and are great at what they do. If you look at the technology industry as a whole, engineering (17%) and product design (36%) have the lowest percentage of women. We believe that women are as capable as men to lead and be successful in technical positions.
2) Deeper Collaboration
Most people place strong value in relationship, especially in a creative and innovative work environment. The fact is, women do this better than men. Studies have shown that women are more likely to engage more privately in time-consuming activities like assisting and mentoring others, while men are more likely to contribute with visible behaviours.
I am not trying to say that men are not great partners to work with, but rather, women can greatly contribute towards building an environment that thrives on deeper collaboration. At Epsilon, we value teamwork as a primary driver of our success and women in our company have definitely contributed towards this collaborative culture today.
3) Better Employee Engagement
For fast-paced agile companies, having increased mentorship creates opportunities for people to voice out their career aspirations. According to a survey by Gartner, businesses are prioritising initiatives towards improving employee experience in 2019 while employee engagement has been low for at least the last two decades globally.
As mentioned earlier, women are great mentors and better at engaging fellow colleagues. These characteristics fit naturally in a workplace where trust and communication are valued. We are so used to seeing men taking on the mentorship role because of the lack of representation in women leadership. At Epsilon, we are ready to open opportunities to anyone who has a desire to lead and drive the business forward.
There is no better time than now to address the gender gap. If you are an ambitious and progressive company, it should be something that you see naturally being addressed, while it is also something that should not be trivialised or enforced. As the business grows, the time will arise where women will play an indispensable role in your organisation.
Happy International Women’s Day!
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