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Innovation is driving every corner of the industry and it needs elastic connectivity to thrive. A standards-based approach can solve the challenges in automation and encourage the widespread adoption of SD-WAN.

According to IDC, SD-WAN revenues are estimated to exceed $8 billion in 2021. The networking industry is indeed embracing SD-WAN. However, the key challenge today is the interoperability of multiple SD-WAN solutions within an environment, which could be triggered by mergers and acquisitions or new demands in the network. Organisations will need a simple way to set up new SD-WAN solutions that allow them to scale as they grow.

Ethernet standards organisation Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is tackling the challenge of interconnecting software-defined services using different vendors’ systems by setting up a gateway. Several leading SD-WAN vendors have collaborated in the MEF 3.0 Multi-vendor SD-WAN implementation project to use standardised Lifestyle Services Orchestration (LSO) APIs to meet interoperability challenges.

This specification along with other SD-WAN work by MEF is important within the MEF 3.0 framework to define, deliver, and certify agile, assured and orchestrated services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. It’s a critical framework for enabling the orchestration of connectivity services across multiple providers.

As a MEF member, we believe that standardisation is an important step forward for the industry. LSO provides a standard architecture and framework that promotes interoperability. With a standards-based approach, the MEF 3.0 framework is a great initiative that supports the growth of automation in global networking, accelerating the transition to more agile and orchestrated services. It is charting the growth of Carrier Ethernet around the world while demonstrating a commitment to innovation and ensuring interoperability.

MEF 3.0 supports our vision for agile and innovative connectivity services. On-demand connectivity is the foundation for connecting the Cloud and offering our partners a seamless approach to grow their business and reach new markets. Through orchestration, organisations can turn up new services and manage network performance at the click-of-a-button, giving them the agility, flexibility, scalability and simplicity needed to serve today’s enterprise demands.

Standardised orchestration will enable Service Providers to move to a more efficient, immediate service delivery time frame. Delivering services faster and more cost-effectively benefits the entire ecosystem. MEF is taking a long-term approach to solving challenges in automation and interworking and supporting providers as they roll out new services.

With developments in today’s market, collaboration is a key differentiator when catering to new demands and driving transformation. It’s great to see MEF working with the Carrier community and collaborating to drive the definition and delivery of industry standards.

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