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Epsilon is excited to announce its expansions in 13 new Points of Presence (PoPs) across the globe. These PoPs in Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa add new presence to our Global Interconnect Fabric and enable partners to get on-net closer to where they operate. Each PoP expands the reach of our carrier-grade global network and demonstrates our capability and commitment in the local markets.

Asia Pacific

Our relationship with DCconnect extended our network reach and enables customers to interconnect at six new PoPs in China. This builds on the interconnection of SDN platforms via APIs which gives Epsilon’s partners on-demand access to hubs in China using Infiny by Epsilon. Our China PoPs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou also offer extended access to 118 data centers across the mainland as well as leading Cloud Service Providers like Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

In Indonesia, we deployed three new PoPs in Jakarta to offer a diverse footprint across the capital. Our metro network in Jakarta includes presence in GTN DC, Cyber-1 and NTT DC, all connected via a terrestrial ring network. The Jakarta metro network is connected to Global Switch Singapore via two diverse cable systems, and we are now able to offer bandwidth from the rest-of-the-world into the critical interconnection hub of Jakarta.
Most recently, we partnered with SEAX to further expand our Asia Pacific network reach by adding a new PoP in Malaysia. The new infrastructure, located in its capital city of Kuala Lumpur, is connected to our Singapore network with onwards access to international locations on our global network fabric.
Beyond Asia Pacific in The Netherlands, our Rotterdam PoP expands our well-established European network of over 40 PoPs in global cities such as London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. This new PoP will enable our partners and customers to support the rapid digitalisation of the transport and logistic industry in Rotterdam, where it is home to the largest cargo port in Europe.
We have set up our presence in new region with our new PoPs in Teraco Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our customers can now connect from anywhere on our global network into South Africa with the flexibility and scalability of an SDN enabled bandwidth solution. This will enable them to expand their business into new markets and tap on fresh opportunities as the two regions rise to become knowledge-based economies driven by finance, technology and other digital services.
All these PoPs are a great addition to our growing global footprint that Epsilon has established since 2003, bringing the total to over 220 PoPs today and an extended interconnected partner network of hundreds more. Our global interconnect strategy is simple. We are going where we can add value to our increasingly diverse partners and customers. Whether they want to connect their customers across China or scale their business into a new market, we have the presence and can interconnect where it is needed.
Check out where our PoPs are deployed all around the world, and keep an eye out for future additions!
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