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With our world becoming increasingly cloud-centric, connectivity is becoming harder to manage in all kinds of organisations.
Furthermore, over $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by this shift by 2022.
Gartner also found that application software held the largest cloud shift prior to 2018, which was particularly driven by customer relationship management (CRM). It has already reached a tipping point where cloud holds a higher proportion of spend compared to traditional software.
This trend will continue expanding to cover additional application software segments, including office suites, content services and collaboration services, through to the end of 2022.
In such business climate, it can be challenging for managed service providers (MSPs) to keep up with the changing demands of their customers across verticals. We have seen the height of it during this COVID-19 pandemic. Remote working accelerates the need for seamless connectivity and increased reliance on business applications.
On top of this, there is growing complexity in the market with increasing use of hybrid cloud models in the enterprises. MSPs are fighting to keep up with the pace of change. For smaller players, they are often also restricted by the location in which they operate.
To meet their connectivity needs, service threading is becoming popular amoung MSPs. Service threading helps expand their reach and provide a holistic solution to their customers through a single service provider and experience.
Service Threading with SDN
Unlike traditional networking, software-defined networking (SDN) platforms such as Infiny has enabled MSPs globally to provide services that better support their customers’ needs. These customers rely on the MSP to provide an IT solution as a whole including connectivity.
With multiple network services available on a single platform, they can thread together different services to form a solution that supports end users. This includes direct connections to the cloud, remote peering at internet exchanges, data centre interconnect, and other connectivity requirements.
Service threading with Infiny is made possible with application programming interface (API).
It enables network service automation, where users of Infiny can ‘pull’ the network services they need in a fully automated manner, whether it is adding onto an existing platform or an application. This removes complexity by enabling MSPs to utilise the connectivity services they need on-demand and in a self-service manner.
With a SDN platforms like Infiny, MSPs have a reliable source for global network connectivity. They do not need to managing multiple service providers, manage their services manually or allocating resources to build their own network.
An MSP can thread together multiple direct cloud connections and data centre interconnection through Infiny. It is able to leverage on Infiny to deliver customised solution for their enterprise customers anywhere around the world.
There is also a growing number of end users looking to move on-premises workloads to the cloud. Since Infiny is fully on-demand and self-service, it’s a real differentiator for MSPs in supporting these requirements. They only pay for what they use and benefit from flexible terms, as well as service features like network analytics and management over their services.
Built to support MSPs
Infiny is a complementary platform that enables MSPs to thread together network services to create an optimised solution for their customers. These services include:
  • Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)Enterprises want their data centres located in close geographic proximity for the best possible performance. For MSPs, this means being present at the data centres close to their customers. They can interconnect data centres using Infiny with bandwidth options of up to 100G and flexible terms. MSP can also present DCI as part of their solution to the enterprise customers.
  • Direct Cloud ConnectCloud connectivity is crucial in the digital enterprise. These enterprises are relying on their MSP partners to secure their connection to the major cloud service providers (CSPs). Infiny enables cloud on-ramps to multiple CSPs including Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud. Direct cloud connection can be established within minutes.


  • Access to Internet Exchanges
  • Businesses that deliver their services over the internet will need to peer with an ecosystem of networks. MSPs can support their digital services, media, and OTT customers with on-demand remote peering at global internet exchanges (IXs) using Infiny. It provides access to the world’s largest IXs including AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX and many more globally.

Bringing Flexibility and Adaptability to Managed Services

Service threading is new way for MSPs to quickly pivot to meeting new demand and supporting emerging applications and services. It’s an approach that matches the needs of an evolving ICT market and as the world adjusts to new ways of working.

With Infiny, MSPs can serve customer needs beyond their home markets through a software-defined approach. It provides ways to visualise their network services and simplify management with a central resource for supporting hybrid solutions.

SDN technology can help MSPs to quickly expand their digital footprint, enabling them to win new customers outside of their traditional territories.

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