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Software-defined networking (SDN) makes it simple for organisations to rapidly deploy applications and reduce the overall cost of deployment. It also centralises the management and provisioning of network services from a single platform. IT and procurement teams are able to save a significant amount of time and money.

According to Statista, the size of the SDN market continues to grow rapidly. SDN market has a value of $9.5 billion in 2019 and predicted for $13.8 billion in 2021.

This comes as no surprise, with SDN offering organisations a simpler and more seamless solution for a whole range of challenges.

Businesses such as telecom carriers are often bound by obligations when it comes to procuring new network services. This is often a long process involving the evaluation of service providers and the types of services offered.

To keep up with market trends and digitalisation, this process can be simplified with the use of SDN platforms, like Infiny. It offers an array of network services on-demand, providing flexibility and scalability in the selection of:
  • Bandwidth capacity
  • Contract terms
  • Network fabric of data centres, cloud services and internet exchanges

One of its key selling points lies in the ability to procure services at the click of a button.

Carriers can provision network services on whichever infrastructure most appropriate at a given time. For example, interconnecting data centres in a new region for their customers or directly connecting them to public cloud services.


Compared to traditional network services, using SDN to deploy services is faster and simpler.

It allows users to interact with an application rather than with people and the physical infrastructure to provision new services. These services are automated which means lesser lead time and faster deployment.

SDN virtualises the whole network to present the services through a single platform. With an SDN platform like Infiny, customers can procure a number of network services in a centrally controlled manner. They can provision and manage the network services quicker and turn up new services when needed.

Whereas traditional network procurement requires more resources and longer lead time. This is no longer viable since end users demands are always changing and becoming more immediate.

SDN platform enables greater flexibility and scalability when it comes to bandwidth capacity and service duration.


Platforms like Infiny enable carriers to immediately expand their service offerings. Infiny helps to facilitate connectivity to cloud, data centre and other service providers globally.

Instead of managing multiple service providers, a single platform can be used to procure and manage network services. This improves efficiency while removing the complexity of traditional procurement.

It also helps carriers to move faster to their business needs and serve new customers’ demands as they come.

  • Faster Procurement
    Buying a network service is much faster at the click-of-a-button with automated provisioning and on-demand access to global connectivity
  • Self-service
    Gain control over your network services with flexible terms and scalable bandwidth capacity
  • Increased Visibility
    Monitor and manage services 24/7 centrally with network analytics to ensure optimised performance
  • Network Fabric
    Interconnect over 220 data centres on Epsilon’s network fabric. Connect directly to major cloud service providers and internet exchanges globally.


Infiny is a proven platform for simplifying procurement processes for carriers globally.

Using an SDN platform to procure network services enable them to move faster in a changing market. Not only do they save a significant amount of time, they are also being presented with new services at their fingertips.

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