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Managing multiple network service providers can be costly, complex and resource intensive. Technology vendors and enterprises are gearing towards simplicity and efficiency in the way they deliver their services.

Having a single service provider means being able to consume network services with consistent reliability and quality.

Rather than managing five to six different service providers with different procurement models, service levels and customer service processes, businesses should consider ways to simplify and streamline network management. This is especially important when scaling across multiple markets where there are disparate networks.

When the old meets the new

Businesses are now relying on software-defined networking (SDN) fabrics to easily interconnect data centres globally. This is made possible when it is built on a cloud-centric data centre interconnect (DCI) ecosystem where there is diversity of data centres and networks.

They are no longer limited to one data centre environment but a diverse ecosystem of data centres, cloud service providers (CSP), internet exchanges (IX) and networks.

There are obvious advantages choosing a cloud-centric DCI ecosystem over a traditional one:

Traditional DCI Ecosystem

Multiple Service Providers and Network Operators

Long lead time to turn up connectivity

Rigid term of at least 12-24 months

Limited data centre footprint and cloud on-ramps

Cloud-Centric DCI Ecosystem

SDN platform enabled for self-service ordering and provisioning

On-demand connectivity to a global interconnect ecosystem

Flexible term from as short as 1 day

Full network visibility using real-time analytics


Making it simple to interconnect globally

The first step is to look at your IT estate – what’s running in there and where complexity can be removed.

It is neither cost-efficient nor the most reliable to have multiple service providers within a single region or even across continents. This is even more crucial for larger hybrid infrastructure where mission-critical services and data are running within a network of on-premises data centres, colocation facilities and public clouds.

With a cloud-centric DCI ecosystem there is no need to have a different provider for each kind of connectivity requirement.
Your cloud connectivity provider, data centre provider, peering and transit provider can be consolidated into a single procurement platform which can meet all your needs. There can greater assurance in terms of service delivery, performance and guaranteed bandwidth.
Powered by an SDN platform, connectivity services can be turned up instantly with high level of automation. It is a single point for provisioning and configuring connectivity instead of managing different service providers.
Using real-time analytics, network managers gains full visibility over the performance across the entire network infrastructure.
For even greater benefits, use application programming interface (API) to integrate networking directly into existing platforms to further automate service delivery. This allows you to immediately access a full suite of connectivity solutions from your own application seamlessly.
Epsilon is at the forefront of SDN innovation and has built a powerful network fabric ready to bring your business global. 
Start building a Cloud-Centric DCI Ecosystem or Get in touch with us today to learn how we can simplify your DCI strategy.
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