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The global networking industry is entering an era of extreme change that is reshaping how service providers operate and deliver connectivity solutions. Old models need to be replaced and innovation must accelerate delivery of connectivity solutions.

The network remains fundamental to all communications services but like all aspects of the ICT ecosystem it needs to change and develop. The network has to mirror the services it is supporting. Otherwise, it will be left behind while hindering the Digital Transformation happening across industries all around the world.

Networks today are impeding innovation rather than enabling it. The explosion of Cloud, Real-Time Communications (RTC), Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) all demand network services that go beyond what is being offered by the traditional networking model. The network is the weak link that is slowing the development of these services and putting barriers up that limit growth.

A new focus on elastic, fluid and intelligent networking models will solve this challenge and deliver on-demand ecosystem that brings together different communications services in a single online access point. It will use orchestration, intelligent on demand network services, network analytics and APIs to deliver voice and data from a single seamless platform.

Telco 3.0 will deliver networking that matches the needs of today’s applications and services and enable enterprises, service providers, Over-the-Top players (OTTs), and end users to benefit from networking that truly caters to their needs. It will deliver networks in a way that makes it simple and easy to innovate and deliver an ICT environment that is agile and consistent across the network stack and beyond.

Telco 3.0 delivers benefits that include:

  • Streamlined access to network services with a friction-free model that makes it simple to connect and deliver the applications and services of the future
  • Consistent and reliable networking that delivers guaranteed QoS and QoE no matter where a user is located
  • Flexible networking that can be shaped by customers to meet their specific needs
  • New cost efficiencies with OPEX-driven models that support Cloud adoption and enable users to only pay for what they use
  • New opportunities for innovation with networking that can act as a foundation for the development and delivery of new applications and services
  • Integrated and on-demand connectivity to Cloud service providers, data centres and enterprise locations around the globe

Service providers that can adapt and transform their businesses will be able to capture new long-term revenues and successfully serve growing customer demand. The clearest benefit is that they can play a critical role in the Cloud revolution and position themselves as an important part of the next-generation of communications.

If you’d like to learn more about Telco 3.0, please download our whitepaper here: Download Whitepaper

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