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Telco 3.0 is an opportunity for service providers to transform their businesses to serve real and growing demand. They can move beyond conversations about price erosion in legacy services and reshape their businesses to capture new revenue from new growth areas.

Networks today are impeding innovation rather than enabling it. The explosion of Cloud, Real-Time Communications (RTC), Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) all demand network services that go beyond what is being offered by the traditional networking model. The network is the weak link that is slowing the development of these services and putting barriers up that limit growth.

Growth from voice and data were limited by geographic reach and subscriber bases while growth in the Cloud is almost limitless. Service providers that are able to effectively support the Cloud will help drive Cloud adoption and that will increase demand for connectivity. The Cloud ecosystem is hungry for reliable and flexible bandwidth and service providers that can deliver will become critical and essential to their customers.

For developers, Telco 3.0 will give them the networks they need to innovate and deliver new services globally. The network should not slow their ability to execute on their ideas and should allow them to further disrupt the market. Developers that have access to high performance networking that can adapt to their needs will develop new services that drive connectivity demand.

Enterprises will benefit from a rich and growing ecosystem where they can access on demand connectivity that is as agile and flexible as their Cloud services. They will be able to gain the full benefits of the Cloud and be able to rely on networking to support their growth no matter where it is happening.

Today, we are at the very beginning of a new era that will redefine what connectivity can deliver and revolutionise the role of networking in ICT. Telco 3.0 will deliver elastic, fluid and intelligent networking models that service providers and enterprises can shape to meet their specific needs.  We’re entering the era of intelligent cloud centric networking.

Overall, the communications market will be more vibrant and exciting than it has ever been. Telco 3.0 will provide the foundation for a new era of innovation where networking enables new applications and services, new levels of performance, and new experiences in ICT.

If you’d like to learn more about Telco 3.0, please download our whitepaper here

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