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There has never been a greater period of change in global networking. A to B wholesale connectivity has been replaced by partner enablement models that go further than just voice and data. Telco transformation is happening and we are seeing this reflected in both our own business and the overall market.

Some of these drivers for telco transformation are still on the horizon, others we have talked about in the past. Together they are showing a new approach to the communications market and transforming what networking can be.

Here are five things that are defining the future of our business as well as the market as a whole:

  • Partner Enablement – Partnering has become critical to accelerating growth and delivering new services globally. Service providers that collaborate and look to each other for support can transform local innovations into global revenue drivers. In the case of SIP Trunking, we are seeing a regional service rapidly becoming globally connected with the SIP Trunk Federation. The SIP Trunk Federation is about finding solutions to a problem and focusing on partner enablement to get results everyone benefits from.
  • Orchestration and Virtualisation – Moving beyond physical infrastructure and looking towards virtualised models will enable the next wave of service provider growth. Virtualisation is the key to creating scalable and self-healing networks that are ready to support the Internet of Things (IoT). Managing physical infrastructure with a traditional model simply cannot keep pace with the deployment of IoT. Orchestration and virtualisation are needed to deliver IoT.
  • Data-Driven Innovation – Big Data is real and it is being used to solve networking challenges. New visibility into network behaviour end-to-end and from the transport to application layers enables the delivery of high performance and high availability intelligent networks. This provides a foundation to develop more demanding services and deliver guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE), but that’s only the beginning. Data fuels the development of new applications while accelerating decision making and investment. That’s great for innovation.
  • Platforms & Processes – Network reach is no longer as important as delivering platforms that offer simple solutions for complex problems. Online portals that bring together intelligent networking, network monitoring and click-to-connect provisioning are increasing networking capabilities to match other industries. Our CloudLX cloud connectivity platform is an example of how a web-based platform can solve a complex problem. We are delivering global access to cloud service providers with on-demand Ethernet, this removes the traditional networking model and delivers connectivity that mirrors cloud-based services.
  • APIs – Network services delivered via APIs are creating a fluid and seamless relationship between network operators and their customers. API removes the friction from procuring network services and turns networking into a solution that can be shaped to fit the internal processes of the customer. Networking as a result becomes more assessable and agile than it has ever been, while driving innovation and reshaping how networks are sold and procured globally.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing our thoughts on these topics and discussing how each of these trends are reshaping what it means to deliver network services in today’s telecoms industry. The transformation across the telecoms industry is happening and we are helping to deliver Telco 3.0.

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