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Enterprises are increasingly seeing SIP Trunking as a simple and efficient way to roll out communications services. SIP Trunking provides a foundation for unified communications and enterprises are steadily migrating to SIP around the world.

The challenge is that local and regional service providers are struggling to fulfil requests for services outside of their home markets due to their limited network reach. We have found a solution. The SIP Trunk Federation enables service providers to efficiently grow their reach around the globe and serve the global needs of their enterprise customers.

What is the SIP Trunk Federation?

The SIP Trunk Federation is a group of service provider partners that collaborate to offer seamless end-to-end SIP Trunking capabilities around the globe. Each member of the federation gains on-demand access to SIP providers in different markets around the world and can rapidly serve enterprise demand for global SIP Trunking services.

The SIP Trunk Federation provides players of all sizes with the ability to interconnect and work together to grow their SIP Trunking businesses. Without collaboration, global offerings are prohibitive and are only available to the largest service providers in the world. It removes barriers to entering the global market and accelerates each member’s ability to capture global revenue.

Our role in the SIP Trunk Federation is to provide the connectivity between each member’s local or regional market. With our global interconnect fabric and track record for supporting service provider customers, we act as a neutral facilitator for seamless SIP interconnection.

Epsilon does not compete in local enterprise markets or offer its own SIP Trunking services to enterprises, meaning that it remains focused on partner enablement and removing any limits on network reach.

The SIP Trunk Federation operates on an open partnership model where members create new relationships and collaborate as they see fit. These relationships are defined by each provider and based on their own requirements.

The federation provides critical network reach to local and regional service providers, in turn attracting new SIP Trunk contracts that otherwise would have had to be rejected. The solution makes the deployment of SIP Trunk Services more agile and scalable as the global market and adoption grows.

Are you looking to expand your global SIP trunk reach through collaboration with other SIP providers? If so, please get in touch and we can answer any questions:

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