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What’s keeping you up at night? If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you are likely to find it hard to differentiate your offering. Other business challenges you might face could be adapting to new technology demands and meeting diverse digital customer requirements. This means that MSPs can end up competing on price rather than value, and that’s a tough road to gain customer loyalty, let alone profitability.

In a Cloud-first world, MSPs need a quick way to move beyond their traditional services and offer diverse and bundled sets of enterprise customers solutions. The last thing they need is network connectivity and management to get in the way. With Software-Defined Networking (SDN), MSPs can deliver more services at scale and serve full customer solution requirements. While legacy networking may have been a functional bolt-on utility in the past, MSPs that adopt SDN can offer their enterprise customers new flexibility, agility and speed. However, MSPs have to decide on the balance between outsourcing and DIY.

One of the simplest ways to do that is to white-label an SDN platform that’s already available in the market. Infiny by Epsilon is the first SDN platform that enables partners to do exactly that. Beyond the obvious benefits of not needing to fork out upfront investment, here are several ways an MSP can benefit from operating their own white-labelled Infiny platform:

1. Rapid Monetisation

Rather than piecing together a patchwork of services and allocating internal resources to DevOps, MSPs can simply leverage Infiny to monetise new network services from day one. They don’t have to sink a lot of time and effort into building a solution that already exists. They can get all of the benefit without the hassle of development.

2. Diverse Options

Infiny doesn’t deliver just one solution. MSPs can use it to deliver multiple global connectivity and communications services while having control and visibility over the network. It is a single platform that enables them to serve changing customer demands and capture more of their overall ICT spend.

3. Owning Relationships

While adding new capabilities, white-labelling Infiny gives MSPs their own identity. They can brand the platform to deliver a consistent experience. From billing to managing customer’s services, MSPs use the platform to sell and serve their customers more effectively.

4. Customer Loyalty

By white-labelling a simple yet powerful platform like Infiny, MSPs can instantly differentiate their offering to drive greater customer retention. It enables them to bundle existing offerings with next-generation networking capabilities while demonstrating their capabilities to drive innovation for their customers

5. A Growing Ecosystem

Infiny is always evolving with new reach, services and functions. New access to global data centres, Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges are being added to Infiny all the time. As the platform grows, MSPs will see their service offering expand and enhance customer experience.

If you’d like to know more about white-labelling Infiny, get in touch or register for free and give the portal a test drive here:

Take a look at our partner programme to see how simple it is to add SDN to your product portfolio and grow your profitability.

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