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The constantly evolving digital world presents new challenges for enterprises. From the increased complexity of managing multiple providers to new security problems, there is an increasing need to adapt to the new age and leverage on new technologies.

As enterprises digitally advance with transformative initiatives, they realise that legacy WAN is slowly being left behind. Instead, smart and simplicity-driven WAN architecture is now critical for achieving maximum value from existing and ongoing investments.

“Digital transformation is a topic that we hear over and over again, and there is an expectation on how WANs need to evolve. The growth not only comes from cloud infrastructure but also the applications that run in them. This has created a demand to change how we design our networks.”

– Mark Daley, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Epsilon.

Ever-Growing Network Demands

Enterprises need to understand the implications of deploying cloud services and applications within their networks, and how they can adapt to an ever-changing, digitally expanding business ecosystem.

As existing networks begin to feel the pressure of  digital evolution, enterprises will increasingly see the limitations of a legacy WAN. With business functions deployed remotely more often than before, the surge in bandwidth usage could put a strain on existing networks.

Enterprises may find that their network complexities come from:

  • Indirect Traffic Routing – Pressure on existing networks due to more business functions being distributed remotely, impacting user experience and bandwidth.
  • Limited Speed – Restricted agility and speed due to the rigidity of MPLS and conventional IP routing.
  • Less Visibility – Distinct lack of visibility and control makes it hard to be reactive, let alone proactive, when managing the network experience.

Network architectures must be upgraded to enhance the efficiency and optimisation of both network and business operation performance.

Delivering The Future Of Networks

Enterprises need to take a consultative approach and ask questions that help to define their network topologies. They need a solution enabling them to build a modern WAN that drives maximum value from cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

For enhanced WAN and application performance, the modern WAN should be optimised for multiple clouds to improve visibility, operational simplicity and security, as well as reduce WAN costs.

To deliver a high-quality experience for customers and employees, enterprises must transform their WAN and security architectures with a unified SD-WAN fabric. This simplifies management and operations by fusing WAN access and overlay routing across locations, and enables consistent edge to cloud connectivity.

Aruba has been recognised as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN for the fifth year in a row. Its solution, Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN, provides a single SD-WAN fabric that simplifies management and edge-to-cloud connectivity across multiple locations. It also benefits customers by delivering:

  • Consistent Connectivity – The ability to access applications from anywhere with any device.
  • Automated Configuration of QoS and Security Policies – Increases IT efficiency and minimises manual device-by-device configuration, therefore simplifying management.
  • Enhanced Quality of Application and Service Delivery – Improves experiences for end-users and IoT, and the ability to accelerate digital efforts.

A Tailored Approach, Fit For Your Organisation

At Epsilon, we help you select the networks you need and directly connect you to your cloud provider of choice, overlaying with the right SD-WAN technology for a high-performance application-aware network.

We empower enterprises with our flexible, full-stack solution that offers smart, yet simplicity-driven multi-cloud connectivity through four integrated components:

  • Intent-Based SD-WAN – Orchestration and automation with visibility and control over network and applications.
  • Cloud-First – Resilient, scalable, and direct connectivity to leading cloud providers and key Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
  • Fully Managed Solutions – End-to-end service solution management from implementation to policy configurations, updates and 24×7 network monitoring.
  • Extensive Global Coverage – With 300 PoPs worldwide, Epsilon supports users in any business location.

Learn more about how enterprises advance their digital transformation efforts from our latest webinar, featuring speakers Mark Daley from Epsilon and Nick Harders from Aruba.

Watch the replay here:

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