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Epsilon and an Over-The-Top (OTT) Unicorn, who delivers one of APAC’s leading mobile messaging applications, have collaborated to connect and optimise their messaging platform and deliver the best possible experience for end users.

The Korean company’s free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones has been installed by 95% of smartphone owners in its home market, so it is critical that its users get the best service possible with no delays or complications. Hyper-sensitive app users do not tolerate a diminished user experience and will simply choose another platform if the service does not meet their standards.
Epsilon and the OTT company worked together to build new diversity into its global network and offer its users guaranteed performance and uptime. By rapidly delivering new diverse routes, users benefit from an always on and always available OTT communications platform. This supports subscriber growth and overall usage.
Epsilon’s flexible and agile model gives the OTT company cost-efficient and rapid access to new and diverse routes as and when they need them. It can quickly and efficiently turn up new services with Epsilon.
With back office automation and end-to-end service assurance, Epsilon can fully support the growth of usage for the multi-platform app. Ultimately, it is about improving the user experience the platform can offer and helping it to deliver consistent performance.


The OTT company needed to support the growth of its multi-platform mobile app around the globe and wanted a partner that could give them flexibility, cost-efficiency and diverse routes.

The challenge was to deliver services to users who are hyper-sensitive to Quality of Experience and Service. Users will not tolerate any downtime or network failures and demand that their apps and services work perfectly every time. The risk with this is that the app will not gain any new subscribers and users will move on to other messaging apps.

Any lags, technical faults or delays will not just impact its users but also the business’ bottom line. The quality of connectivity and service is so important to maintaining customer relationships and ensuring the quality of user experience.


Epsilon and the OTT company created a solution that solves challenges associated with inefficient legacy models that require overspending and lack the ability to adapt to new user demands in new geographies. Epsilon delivered networking in a model that matches an OTT’s needs and ambitions, removing the limits on its business.
Epsilon delivered high-performance bandwidth links between Singapore and Tokyo, whilst also delivering intercontinental circuits from Tokyo and Los Angeles to serve a growing US subscriber base. They have the option to expand these routes around the world and leverage Epsilon’s terabit global optical network through a flexible on-demand procurement model.
The OTT can scale up or down their services to suit its changing business needs with guaranteed Quality of Service. Epsilon’s rapid service delivery ensures that the company can guarantee the app is always online and available for users, allowing them to go above and beyond with its user experience. With on-demand provisioning, the company can access new diverse routes with greater cost-efficiency.
As well as gaining flexible services, the company no longer need to waste time and resources on establishing new relationships in markets around the world. It gained a trusted partner who can meet all their requirements by outsourcing its networking needs to us. Ultimately, this will give them the resources to invest into new services and innovations that drives customer satisfaction.

OTTs come to us because we deliver networking with the same flexibility and agility that they experience with their Cloud-based applications and services. We are able to move faster than legacy networking while putting control directly in the OTTs’ hands. They benefit from a networking provider that understands their needs and can execute with a model that mirrors their own. We make networking easy for OTTs.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO, Epsilon


  • Scalability and Flexibility
    OTTs can seamlessly scale-up their networking to meet new demand, as well as the freedom to enter new markets with a single unified networking model
  • Rapid Provisioning
    OTTs can click-to-connect to global destinations via a web-based portal or integrate connectivity into their existing platforms via APIs
  • Guaranteed Performance
    Epsilon offers guaranteed performance that ensures end users receive the best possible experience with maximum uptime
  • Greater Simplicity
    OTTs gain global reach, direct access to world-leading Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges across the globe from a single supplier
  • New Efficiency
    OTTs can go beyond the legacy networking model with no need to over provision or deploy networks before demand emerges; allowing greater cost-savings in the long-term
New Levels of Control – OTTs can control their own network services 24/7 via a web-based portal with visibility into usage and performance

For OTTs, Quality of Experience is absolutely critical for their applications and their businesses as a whole. They need networking that can deliver both performance and flexibility to ensure they can keep pace with demand. Users are hyper-sensitive to quality issues and will not use a service that offers diminished performance or downtime. Networking can be an enabler for growth and help OTTs to move faster than competitors.

Prasanna CSenior Product Manager, Epsilon


Epsilon helps its partners optimise the end user experience and better serve their customers. As the market changes and the OTT company wants to develop its messaging platform, it needs a way to consistently deliver high-performance services to its mobile users. With a flexible yet diverse service, this company is guaranteed future proof offerings which will support its new services, customer demand and business growth in the long-term.
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