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There is tremendous potential in the global SIP Trunking market. There has also never been a better time for service providers to work together to capture new revenue.

In the first half of 2015, the global SIP trunking market saw over 35% growth in revenue and is projected to be worth $8.5 billion by 2019, according to Infonetics Research. Enterprises are now looking for local and regional SIP providers to deliver these services and extend beyond their home network boundaries.

Currently overcoming network geographic restrictions is a painful task, the model for providing these services includes finding partners with comparable services to create a unified solution. However, this system has seen costs driven up while also increasing mean time for deployment.

The Global SIP Trunking Federation brings local service providers together with common interests and opens up both, regional and global opportunities with partners around the world.

We see five ways that a federation of service providers will change the global SIP market:

  1. New Access to Long-Term Revenue Streams
    The SIP Trunk Federation enables service providers to capture new long-term revenue streams from global SIP deployments beyond its home market. Without the federation these contracts would have likely been rejected due to high cost and low capability.
  2. Rapid Monetisation of SIP Trunking Services
    The Federation supports rapid monetisation of global SIP and removes the financial barrier of competing for global contracts. Service providers no longer have to invest time and resource in developing individual relationships around the world, members gain immediate access to other SIP providers.
  3. Efficient and Scalable Solutions
    The SIP Trunk Federation offers members the most cost efficient way to grow revenues from global SIP deployments. With our ‘pay-as-you-go’ model for intelligent networking linking each provider together, members can grow efficiently and scale to meet new demand.
  4. Simple Interconnection and Service Delivery
    The federation offers a hub and bespoke model that makes connecting sites across different continents simple. Members can now rely on a standard way of collaborating and interconnecting, changing the protocol for global SIP connectivity.
  5. Guaranteed Quality on a Global Scale
    Our intelligent network services ensure that international connectivity is reliable and consistent. It acts as a bridge between local and regional SIP services with scalable and high performance networking.

Overall, joining a Federation of service providers will help members to capture new sustainable revenue streams from global SIP with the support of likeminded members around the world.

As SIP becomes the de facto way of interconnecting voice and video members joining a federation of service providers positions them to drive profitability from global SIP. It gives them the tools they need to succeed and win larger contracts. As demand for SIP grows, members will be ready to serve that demand with a federation of partners that are ready to do business with them.

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