Connecting to the World’s Cloud Ecosystem

Today’s communication industry is going through a tremendous revolution – we’re witnessing the rapid growth of ‘cloud’ which is driving huge change in the way we build networks resulting in the emergence of new business models. As the landscape is shifting towards these cloud-based services, the ability to simplify, secure and speed up data transfer between your network and your cloud services is becoming more critical.

Join us in this webinar, as Mark Daley evaluates the traditional competitive pressures for cloud connectivity and it’s pain points, showcasing a better solution that offers the fastest and most efficient way to deliver high-performance applications and communications globally.

  • Market pressures and industry trends driving cloud access requirements
  • CloudLX – end-to-end connectivity solutions that simplify, secure, and speed up your cloud networking
  • Online portal demonstration – seamlessly provision virtualised private direct connections over a scalable and assured network
  • Driving growth – further cloud connectivity opportunities