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Bharti Airtel uses Epsilon’s First Line Maintenance services to efficiently support it’s global network through the use of professional and dedicated engineers.

Bharti Airtel has nearly 313 million customers across its operations in 20 countries in Asia and Africa. Its global network spans five continents with more than 400 interconnect partners.

In order to maintain its global presence, it uses Epsilon’s First Line Maintenance solution to ensure maximum uptime and network availability in key global communications hubs. Where it needs expert support, it has outsourced network maintenance to Epsilon and relies on it to keep critical interconnection points in London and Paris up and running and operating efficiently.

It trusts Epsilon because of the reliability of its engineers and it’s more than a decade of experience in network outsourcing and serving the international needs of service providers. First Line Maintenance services from Epsilon enable global operators to fill resource gaps efficiently with an outsourced solution from a trusted provider.



Global network operators are challenged to have experts on the ground in communications hubs around the world. They cannot afford for their network traffic to be disrupted but must find an efficient way to maintain their global infrastructure. For Bharti Airtel, the challenge was to find a solution that could cost-effectively serve their needs outside of their home markets in Asia and Africa. Global connectivity is key to its business but the majority of their staff are located in markets where they also have domestic operations.

It needed a solution that could fill resource gaps in critical interconnection points without needing to invest budget in full-time staff on the ground. In addition, it needed to use the available resource flexibly and address issues as they pop up. This mix of requirements meant it needed a partner with a unique understanding of outsourcing and the ability to deliver.


Since 2010, Bharti Airtel has outsourced First Line Maintenance to Epsilon in Telehouse East, London, and Telehouse 2 in Paris. Epsilon has delivered a service package tailored to the specific needs of Bharti Airtel with the flexibility to scale it up or down with Bharti Airtel’s requirements. Every month, it has access to hours of expert support in these locations with the option to expand this as its needs grow.

Epsilon’s First Line Maintenance portfolio includes on-site maintenance, network monitoring, spare parts handling, and system integration services. Its expert engineers are able to function as an extension of Bharti Airtel’s team and provide a seamless and integrated service. With Epsilon’s support, Bharti Airtel has a reliable presence on the ground that is able to support its networking needs.

As part of Epsilon’s typical First Line Maintenance programme, it performed a site survey with the client to establish the status quo of the facility and get the team familiar with the operations at the site. Epsilon staff was then added to the permanent access list to allow immediate access to the site whenever required.

By outsourcing First Line Maintenance to Epsilon, Bharti Airtel is able to support its infrastructure in more places with a reliable and experienced outsourcing partner.

Our aim is to support Bharti Airtel with the most skilled engineers available and give them complete confidence in our ability to maintain its infrastructure. First Line Maintenance is an extremely valuable and effective way to add new skills and resource to your operation without adding the cost and complexity of training and developing in-house staff. We’re proud to be a part of Bharti Airtel’s global success.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • Expertise
    Epsilon has provided outsourced network services to operators around the world for more than a decade
  • Efficiency
    Bharti Airtel is able to rely on expert engineers 25 hours a month rather than training and investing in full-time staff
  • Simplicity
    The Epsilon team acts as an extension of Bharti Airtel internal resource and is seamlessly integrated into its operation
  • Flexibility
    Bharti Airtel has the ability to rapidly change or move where First Line Maintenance is delivered as Epsilon has presence in 170 countries
  • Reliability
    First Line Maintenance services are backed by strict SLAs to ensure maximum uptime and availability
  • Future Proof
    Epsilon’s engineers are continually training and developing new skills in the latest networking technology to cater to existing and emerging needs

Epsilon provides a reliable and efficient way for us to service our infrastructure in some key markets. We believe in the value of Epsilon’s outsourcing model and appreciate its commitment to delivering the services that we need and where we need them. It’s a strong relationship that we value and one that delivers the results we need.

Ajay ChitkaraCEO of Global Data and Voice Business, Bharti Airtel


With the relationship spanning more than half a decade, Epsilon is excited to continue to support Bharti Airtel’s growth. In addition to First Line maintenance, Epsilon also provides transmission services via its eConnect solution, a global portfolio of network, connectivity and virtual presence services.

Today, Epsilon supports Bharti Airtel with connectivity in Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe. As Bharti Airtel continues to develop its business around the world Epsilon has the outsourced network services to deliver reliable support and infrastructure no matter where Bharti Airtel needs it.

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