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Daisy Worldwide is delivering increased levels of performance and efficiency across its global footprint through the introduction of Epsilon’s intelligent networks

IP adoption is growing around the world and Daisy Worldwide has been looking for robust networking solutions that can help them connect the world’s communications hubs. They want the efficiency and scalability of IP but also guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).

Daisy Worldwide has partnered with Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider and an independent provider of IT infrastructure and managed services to deliver its Intelligent Network eXchange (eINX) solution.

Epsilon has recognised these challenges and developed its eINX to deliver end-to-end performance across the globe using real-time data and analytics. New visibility into network services from the transport to application layer is critical to success in IP networking with new intelligence unlocking the potential of IP-based services.

Daisy Worldwide recognise the benefits of Epsilon’s eINX solution and has selected it to connect with customers and partners in their local regions whilst ensuring network performance on a global scale. Daisy customers and partners will now benefit from guaranteed QoS and QoE end-to-end across this global footprint. They are also able to use intelligent routing to drive efficiency and performance with the ability to deliver IP-based services with confidence.

Daisy Worldwide see this product enhancement as a further step in the continued investment into their partner solution.



Daisy Worldwide wanted the scalability and efficiency of IP but with quality and reliability that exceeds what is available on TDM. Its customers and partners continue to adopt IP-based services and they needed to be prepared to scale networks to offer increased reliability on our global voice solutions.

In addition, Daisy Worldwide wanted to leverage new intelligent networking models to improve efficiency and performance in local markets.

Daisy Worldwide has customers and partners that span across the US, Europe and Asia. As part of their continued development and investment for their customer offering, they are always looking at ways to which they can link global communications hubs with trustworthy IP networks.
Daisy Worldwide believes performance and efficiency are paramount to serve growing demands from new customers and partners across these regions. eINX’s delivery of reliable and top quality global solutions is now a key differentiator in this global offering.
Daisy Worldwide is part of Daisy Group which is one of the UK’s largest independent providers of IT infrastructure and managed services, with 60,000 direct customers, 1,500 partners, 3,700 employees, and 30 locations nationwide. Daisy Worldwide supports a variety of the largest enterprises globally with end-to-end voice and managed services solutions.


Daisy Worldwide has partnered with Epsilon to deliver intelligent networks to connect New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The eINX solution was designed specifically to address the need for high-performance IP networking on a global scale and Daisy felt it was the best solution for their business.
Epsilon has combined its more than 600 pre-connected carrier relationships with its own bespoke networking technology to offer global intelligent networks. It has developed and deployed its own next-generation session border controller (SBC)- Orchid One. Orchid One delivers real-time network data and analytics that enables service providers to troubleshoot network issues as they happen.
With Orchid One, Epsilon gains real-time insights into each session, service, application, MOS/R-factor scores, network and end-to-end SLAs. This gives it real-time insights into network performance that supports the best QoS and QoE possible. Daisy Worldwide benefits from a flexible and powerful solution that guarantees performance on its network.
By using Epsilon’s intelligent routing capabilities, Daisy partners can now benefit from regional breakout and traffic in-region creating new networking efficiencies and offering users high QoE. Traffic does not need to be routed back to the Daisy Worldwide home market, instead, it can be managed locally. This decreases latency and offers greater efficiency in network management.

Intelligent networks have emerged as a true differentiator for service providers globally. They can compete on performance while driving new efficiency in the operations. We are seeing an increasing demand for intelligent networks because they change what is possible on IP networks.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • End-to-End Performance
    Guaranteed QoS and QoE end-to-end around the world
  • Intelligent Routing
    Regional breakout and delivers the best possible QoE
  • An OPEX-based Model
    No upfront investment and is ready to scale to meet growing demand for IP-based service
  • Global Reach
    Daisy Worldwide is able to connect to 170+ countries
  • Flexible Contracts
    Epsilon is dedicated to customer services and offers contracts that enable agility and are ready to change and evolve with Daisy Worldwide’s business

Epsilon understands what it takes to be successful in an IP-centric world. It delivers intelligent networking solutions that go beyond the traditional approach. With eINX, we are ready to efficiently grow and scale our business around the world with performance that customers and partners can appreciate.

Hayley DuckmantonCommercial Director at Daisy Worldwide


As Daisy Worldwide continues to grow its international business, eINX is ready to scale to meet growing demands for IP. Its pay-per-use model has been designed to enable efficient growth and the ability to serve rapidly growing demand. Daisy Worldwide is equipped with intelligent networks that can offer quality at scale and are ready to flex to meet changing demands.
Epsilon’s intelligent networking solutions are constantly being refined with Orchid One consistently delivering new advances in network data and analytics. Orchid One’s real-time QoS analysis engine and machine learning algorithms grow in strength as it captures data across Epsilon’s network.
Daisy Worldwide will benefit from Epsilon’s approach to intelligent networks in the long-term as it is continually evolving to optimise changing network environments.
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