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Volta Data Centres is differentiating its business by accelerating how its customers across the Cloud uses Epsilon's CloudLX platform

UK-based Volta Data Centres and Epsilon are connecting data centre customers to world-leading cloud providers with a seamless cloud connectivity platform. As enterprise cloud adoption continues to grow, data centre customers are looking for service providers that deliver both network and data centre infrastructure.

Managed Service Providers and Enterprises want simple solutions that enable them to rapidly roll out cloud services within their organisations or product portfolios with as few vendor relationships as possible. This has created an opportunity for Data Centre Operators to expand their service capabilities with new network services that have been specifically designed to serve the cloud.

Rather than building out a networking team internally, Volta Data Centres selected Epsilon’s Cloud Link eXchange (CloudLX) cloud connectivity platform to rapidly grow its ability to serve the cloud demands of customers. CloudLX gives Volta Data Centres a complete platform for networking the cloud and supporting the needs of customers beyond its London-based facilities. It supports customer growth while differentiating Volta Data Centres’ offering.

CloudLX enables Volta Data Centres to maximise the potential of cloud in its business and capture new opportunities by offering cloud connectivity.



Adding network services to a data centre operation can be complex and resource-intensive. Data Centre Operators are challenged to move out of their traditional areas of expertise and develop an entirely new business segment.
It requires an upfront investment and hiring new skills into the business. This can make it difficult to deliver network services in the near-term with no guarantees around success.
The challenges associated with networking the cloud can discourage Data Centre Operators from tapping into the opportunity in cloud connectivity. Network services can differentiate a Data Centre Operators’ offering while creating new customer stickiness and long-term relationships.
Volta Data Centres recognised the opportunity in offering cloud connectivity to its customers and looked for an efficient way to connect them to global Cloud Service Providers. It was determined to grow its relationships with customers while rapidly delivering critical cloud infrastructure.
Volta Data Centres needed a solution that could help them to serve customers in new ways while increasing its profitability in the near and long-term.


CloudLX enables Data Centre Operators to rapidly enter the networking market and connect their customers to global Cloud Service Providers with on-demand Ethernet. Volta Data Centres have been able to integrate CloudLX into its portfolio of service offerings from its facility, leveraging the global reach and simple user interface to effectively network the cloud for customers.

CloudLX removes the need to build networking teams and gives Data Centre Operators all the tools they need to offer cloud connectivity to customers. From a web-based portal, users can procure network services at the click of a button. Data Centre Operators can offer last mile networks to other data centre facilities as well as direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, as well as other Cloud Service Providers and global Internet Exchanges.

Volta Data Centres’ customers’ benefits from the guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE) across more than 600 network operators. Its end-to-end performance monitoring means that customers gain new visibility into the network with easy-to-understand graphing and visualisations. Volta Data Centres have developed a world-class cloud offering with the support of a unique and powerful platform.

CloudLX removes the barriers to offering cloud connectivity to data centre customers.

We are seeing Data Centre Operators all over the world using CloudLX to grow their businesses with cloud connectivity. It is a comprehensive platform that gives them all the tools they need to serve more of their customers’ cloud demands. That positions Data Centre Operators at the centre of the cloud ecosystem and makes their solutions essential for customers. In this cloud-centric world, that’s a great position to be in.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


Rapid Differentiation  Volta Data Centres is able to win new business with a differentiated offering while growing existing customer relationships
Click-to-Connect Procurement CloudLX enables users to procure cloud connectivity from a web browser with on-demand service delivery
Simple User Interface The platform has been designed to be easy to use with an intuitive user interface, making it simple to monitor and manage services
Increased Customer Satisfaction Volta Data Centres is able to support enterprises with both data centre and network infrastructure, driving stickiness
New Visibility CloudLX’s delivers end-to-end visibility into network performance with graphing and visualisations that accelerate troubleshooting
Global Reach From a single platform, Volta Data Centres can connect customers globally while seamlessly monitoring and managing their services

CloudLX enables us to differentiate our data centre services and offering customers comprehensive solutions. It creates stickiness with customers while demonstrating that we understand what it takes for customers to be successful in the cloud. When Data Centre Operators add cloud connectivity to their portfolios, they really become cloud enablement providers and that is what Enterprises and Managed Service Providers are asking for.

Jonathan ArnoldManaging Director at Volta Data Centres


Volta Data Centres will grow its customer relationships with cloud connectivity while capturing new business with a differentiated offering. As its customers cloud deployments increase, it will be able to easily scale up their network services using CloudLX with the flexibility to change and adjust services quickly.
Epsilon is continually refining its CloudLX platform with new functionalities and capabilities being developed and integrated all the time. An increasing number of Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges are being added to the platform with new points of presence being deployed globally.
Epsilon is growing the CloudLX platform to stay ahead of enterprise adoption of cloud and ensure that CloudLX has the agility and flexibility to serve growing demand.
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