QA Tester


Sofia, Bulgaria

Overall Job Purpose

A professional test engineer leading all quality assurance activities for software applications. Collaborates with the development team and product owner to understand requirements, create test plans and execute manual and automated tests both during feature development phase and during regression testing phase close to the release date. The test engineer will have expert knowledge of the domain and business flows to enable them to be able to identify likely regression areas when new features are introduced.  Our technical environment is a LAMP stack -> Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP.  You will join a small team of 3 developers and will be testing either our Infiny product which is currently a greenfield site for automated testing, or our Eth/OSS product which already has automated tools.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and execute both functional and non-functional tests on all aspects of the system including component, system, performance, UX, regression

  • Design, build, test and deploys effective test automation solutions   

  • Determine what should be automated and in what sequence in order to get the maximum return on the automation investment   

  • Set requirements for test data to be deployed to the test environments   

  • Collaborate with engineering team to assist with testing platform upgrades     

  • Create test plans and produce reports for number of test cases executed, passed and failed, especially during regression period   

  • Produce detailed descriptions for how to reproduce bugs and ensure that all relevant system information, steps, expected vs actual data is captured and supplied when creating bugs for the developers to fix

  • Monitor the test environment to ensure that automating test cases are running regularly and failures are investigated promptly and where necessary bugs are raised with the developers

  • Assist with the maintenance of demo environment making sure we have sufficient data in the system to be able to demonstrate new features to prospective customer

  • Be able to run internal enablement demonstrations to stakeholders, presenting new features before they go live

Job Requirements

  • MUST have at least 5 years’ experience working as a software tester

  • MUST be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills. Must be able to articulate complex workflows with both technical colleagues and non-technical stakeholders

  • MUST be able to demonstrate analytical and logical thinking

  • MUST have natural curiosity. Be able to identify hidden errors, not just rubber stamp each release

  • MUST have experience with test automation, preferably for APIs and GUIs

  • MUST be flexible and accepting of change

  • MAY have experience working in the telecoms industry

  • MAY have experience working with an agile software development methodology. E.g. scrum, XP, Lean etc