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Imagine Communications Group joined the SIP Trunk Federation to rapidly deploy Unified Communications services for its customers across Western Europe

Imagine Group, one of Ireland’s leading telecommunications providers, offers fixed and wireless communications services to both business and residential customers throughout Ireland. It provides wireless services including 4G Fibre LTE broadband network, using innovative wireless technology. The group deliver a portfolio of Voice and data products that are available across its network technologies throughout western Europe.

By entering the SIP Trunk Federation, Imagine Group can extend the reach of its regional SIP Trunking solutions beyond its home market and access more revenue opportunities. It can collaborate with other members and deploy new international networks for a global SIP Trunk service.
The SIP Trunk Federation provides Imagine Group with access to service providers around the world, enabling it to deliver SIP Trunk requests past its network borders. Through the Federation, Imagine Group can connect its local applications on a wider scale.


The SIP Trunking market is rapidly growing. According to Infonetics Research, in 2017, 67% of businesses will be making the switch from traditional landlines in favour of SIP.
With more enterprises continuing to deploy SIP, service providers are encouraged to connect applications on a wider scale. There previously has been no way for local and regional service providers to serve the global needs of their customers.
Service providers have previously acted alone, with SIP islands being created all over the world. In order for service provider’s trunking capabilities to gain reach around the globe, SIP islands need to connect with each other. Providers actively seek a solution that will enable them to extend reach and gain new business opportunities, while continuing to serve the needs of its customers.
The SIP Trunk Federation now enables the Imagine Group to offer end-to-end SIP Trunking services beyond its geographic footprint in Ireland.


The SIP Trunk Federation focuses on partner enablement and removing the limits on network reach by providing seamless end-to-end SIP Trunking capabilities. The Federation removes the complexity from global connectivity, by linking partners together to collaborate in offering end-to-end SIP Trunking capabilities across the world. It offers all the tools needed for partners to be successful while competing in the SIP market.
Imagine Group joined the SIP Trunk Federation to rapidly deploy Unified Communication services across the globe. Through its partnership with the Federation, it gains instant access to a variety of SIP providers. Through collaborating with other members, Imagine Group will be able to extend the reach of its regional SIP Trunking solutions beyond its home market and gain new business opportunities.
The IP path between members is via Epsilon’s Voice Network which provides country-to-country Quality of Service (QoS) and access to Epsilon’s network performance and SLA statistics. By partnering with the Federation, Imagine Group will feel the benefits of collaborating and working together with other partners to extend its network reach.

“We have seen a phenomenal response from the market with customers serving global demand almost overnight. The Federation transforms what is possible for regional SIP providers and supports the development of long-term sustainable revenue streams from SIP.”

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • New Simplicity 
    The SIP Trunk Federation offers Imagine Group local, regional and global SIP trunking via a single federated solution
  • Global Reach
    Imagine Group can extend the reach of its SIP Trunking solutions beyond its home markets
  • A Competitive Edge
    The federation provides Imagine Group with all the tools needed to be successful, enabling it to compete for larger global contracts outside its geographical reach
  • Greater Efficiency
    With on-demand access to local and regional service providers, Imagine Group can efficiently deploy Unified Communications services around the globe
  • Accelerated Growth
    Imagine Group can find partners with comparable services and rapidly roll out new international networks, accelerating its global SIP growth
  • Rapid Monetisation
    The Federation allows Imagine Group to rapidly capture new revenue streams

The market needs the SIP Trunk Federation because it removes complexity from interconnecting globally and expands what we can do for our customers. The Federation has provided us with all the tools that we need to win new business and grow our reach.

Brian O’DonohoeCommercial Director and CFO at Imagine Group Communications Group


With the support of the SIP Trunk Federation, Imagine Group can develop and grow the reach of its regional SIP Trunking solutions. The group can benefit by collaborating with others, and gaining new opportunities to capture more revenue.
With more partners joining the SIP Trunk Federation, there are more opportunities for providers to connect and grow. Epsilon, and the SIP Trunk Federation provide international connectivity between local providers making it simple for them to expand the scope of their network reach and gain new contracts.
The SIP Trunk Federation is growing and looking to add new members. Joining the federation has no membership fees or annual subscriptions.
If you are interested in becoming a partner in the SIP Trunk Federation, please get in touch:
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