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datamena is accelerating the adoption of Cloud in the Middle East by offering on-demand Cloud Access and global connectivity services to its partners

datamena, a carrier-neutral data centre and connectivity platform in the UAE, is delivering on-demand connectivity to the Middle East and enabling new growth in Cloud adoption. It is connecting its ecosystem of service providers, Cloud and Content providers, and enterprise customers directly to Cloud service providers and global destinations at the click-of-a-button.

datamena combines data centre, satellite, networking, the UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX) and an ecosystem of partners to support the growth and success of its partners in the Middle East. It is continually exploring new ways to help its partners to connect and deliver applications, services and content across the region.

It has had a long-term partnership with Epsilon and both companies have focused on delivering new innovations that change how their partners experience the Cloud. As Cloud adoption has continued to grow in the Middle East, datamena has been integrating new solutions and platforms to offer its partners one seamless experience when they connect and deploy applications and service in the UAE.

Together, Epsilon and datamena worked together to deliver the first on-demand connectivity platform in the Middle East and change what is possible in the Cloud.


datamena wanted a way to build new agility into its service offering and give its partners faster and reliable Cloud Access. It is committed to supporting Digital Transformation and could see an opportunity to use on-demand Cloud connectivity to support partners and help them to realise the full potential of the Cloud.

With Cloud reshaping the ICT ecosystem, and end users’ expectations changing rapidly, a new approach to networking was needed. When connecting to Cloud service providers, datamena wanted the ability to offer customers networking that is as fast and flexible as Cloud applications and services with new levels of scalability.

Its partners also want a simple solution for connecting to the Cloud that removes the limits on their Cloud services. They want Cloud Access that is built for the future and ready to grow over time.


Epsilon deployed its Infiny By Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform in datamena and enabled it to offer seamless Cloud Access at a click-of-a-button. datamena is the first provider in the Middle East to deploy the Infiny by Epsilon and has integrated it into its own unique platform.
Infiny by Epsilon replaces the legacy model and gives service providers fast, agile and transparent access to world-leading Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform as well as leading global Internet Exchanges. It enables datamena to procure local, regional and global port-to-port, port-to-cloud, port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking and last mile DIA and SD-WAN services.
The platform simplifies every aspect of managing network services, making it easy for simple connections around the world. datamena can manage its network services via a web-based portal, APIs or iOS or Android apps. It has full visibility into service quality and performance end-to-end from a simple and intuitive dashboard. It can offer on-demand Cloud Access and global connectivity with no barriers or limits on where or when they connect.
Epsilon and datamena are working together to deliver a new era in Cloud-centric networking and reimagine how partners connect to the Cloud.

datamena is a great partner of ours and we share the same passion for innovation. The addition of Infiny by Epsilon to its platform means its partners have access to seamless experience that can take them around the world and into the Clouds. It’s a powerful proposition and one we are proud to support. With Infiny by Epsilon, datamena will be able to capture long-term sustainable revenue streams from connecting the Cloud.

Chin Woon LeeProduct Director at Epsilon


  • A Self-service Model
    datamena can procure and manage services 24/7 from our intuitive web-based portal, APIs or mobile apps available on Android or iOS
  • Truly Global Solutions
    Infiny by Epsilon delivers connectivity across the globe with more than 600 service providers as part of its global interconnect fabric
  • Guaranteed End-to-end Quality
    Infiny by Epsilon is powered with bespoke intelligent networking technologies that offer guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE) when connecting to the Cloud
  • Click-to-connect
    datamena can quickly serve the changing needs of its customers with on-demand connectivity and click-to-connect provisioning
  • Greater Visibility
    Infiny by Epsilon makes it simple and easy for datamena to maximise productivity and visibility with complete control over global connectivity
  • An Ecosystem of Cloud Service Providers
    datamena can directly connect to world-leading Cloud Service Providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as key Internet Exchanges globally

The Cloud is reshaping the ICT ecosystem in the Middle East. Networking needs to keep up with this rapid speed of change. The Infiny by Epsilon platform enables us to quickly move to serve new demand and support our partners’ growth in the Cloud. It is a great addition to our platform and really adds a key component to our offering. On-demand connectivity is the future and we’re proud to be the first in the Middle East to deliver it.

Hany Fahmy AlyExecutive Vice President - Enterprise Business


Epsilon and datamena are continually looking at new ways to work together and find new value in their partnership. As Cloud adoption grows in the Middle East, datamena will be ready to serve this new demand and has the scalability to grow alongside its partners.
Epsilon will continue to develop its platform and evolve it to meet the changing needs of the market. Through collaboration and listening, it will add new features and functionalities to serve the needs of a changing market.
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