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ACN is using Epsilon’s Global Inbound Service, eVoice, to simplify its approach to delivering voice traffic across Europe

Founded in 1993, ACN has grown to become a significant carrier of voice minutes. It provides both residential and business voice services across the US and Europe and has operations in 24 countries. ACN provides local and long-distance landline telephone services, VoIP, high-speed internet, satellite television, and mobile services through the company’s own MVNO.

In a challenging voice market, the pressure is building on service providers to increase their efficiency in order to retain current traffic while driving profitability. As a result, voice service providers like ACN are seeking simpler ways to intelligently manage their inbound traffic.

To do this, ACN has selected Epsilon to manage the delivery of voice traffic across Europe with its managed voice solution, eVoice. eVoice removes pain points for voice service providers by offering opportunities to amplify efficiency and increase customer retention rates. eVoice enables ACN to originate European inbound calls with guaranteed end-to-end quality.

With its global position in the voice market, ACN is outsourcing inbound traffic in Europe and in many other countries to Epsilon. With Epsilon’s global voice network spanning 100+ countries, ACN can efficiently rationalise and reduce its number of network suppliers.

ACN is maximising the opportunity to simplify inbound voice services by outsourcing its European traffic routing to Epsilon. eVoice reduces the need for deploying multiple interconnections and suppliers, in turn reducing costs and maximising efficiency to drive profitability.



Wholesale price per minute of mobile voice has dropped in value from $0.16 in 2003 to $0.06 in 2015, says Telegeography. This decline in voice minute pricing shows the need for voice service providers to pursue intelligent solutions for maintaining and driving profitability. Telegeography also noted a record drop in international traffic volumes in 2014 with an annual growth of only 1 billion minutes in 2014, down from 30 billion the previous year.

Processing inbound traffic currently can be a resource and time intensive task for voice service providers. Providers need to build their own infrastructure, requiring the deployment of multiple interconnections and suppliers with no certified quality for its user’s end call. Inbound voice quality can also be the make or break between retaining and acquiring customers or losing business. Operating on a global scale, ACN is required to manage multiple suppliers across Europe. These supplier relationships can be costly and complex to manage with variable pricing and several supplier options per market. It became critical that ACN found a more efficient solution that could simplify the origination of its inbound calls across Europe.


ACN selected eVoice to enhance its inbound traffic capabilities while ensuring its quality of voice calls across Europe in order to drive profitability. eVoice provides ACN with a scalable infrastructure that delivers inbound calls, removing the need for multiple suppliers. Through a single relationship with Epsilon, ACN gains access to 500+ operator relationships, rapidly simplifying call originations in Europe.
eVoice removes the complexity from the international voice market and delivers a fully managed service that allows ACN to focus on its core business. Epsilon’s bespoke technology guarantees end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) from transport to the application layer, with low latency and jitter. This ensures that end users receive an optimum calling experience and increases call volumes as well as customer stickiness.
In addition, eVoice offers conversion services as well as number portability. TDM, IP, SILK and other protocols can be converted to and from IP to support IP adoption. Epsilon also offers local number portability to retain existing numbers when switching to Epsilon.
With the support of Epsilon, ACN is finding new ways to ensure the sustainability of its voice business. While the voice market may be challenging, Epsilon is delivering solutions that create new opportunities and drive efficiency.

The voice market has changed a lot over the last five years and that is reflected in demand for new voice solutions. eVoice gives service providers a simpler and easier model for managing inbound traffic. At the same time, we help them to deliver greater QoS and QoE and that supports a healthy voice business. In challenging times, removing complexity and delivering quality really is key.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • Expertise
    Epsilon has provided outsourced voice solutions to service providers globally for over a decade
  • Global Networks
    eVoice removes ACN’s need for deploying multiple suppliers, enabling them to deliver voice traffic in 100+ countries
  • Scalable Infrastructure
    With eVoice’s scalable infrastructure ACN can quickly adapt its inbound service according to traffic growth
  • Quality Calling
    Epsilon’s bespoke network technology guarantees end-to-end quality and as a result ACN is assured consistent high performance of inbound voice calls
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
    ACN can grow customer relationships and increase stickiness with guaranteed end-to-end QoS and QoE

eVoice helps us drive profitability in the voice market by simplifying the control and management of our European inbound traffic. Our work with Epsilon has enabled us to reduce our number of European suppliers, while giving us access to 100+ markets around the world. eVoice is an intelligent and scalable solution that gives us an efficient way to deliver inbound voice traffic.

Bulent UysalDirector of Carrier Relations at ACN


As ACN continues to grow its international business, eVoice is ready to scale its services to help simplify its business needs across Europe. With Epsilon’s constantly growing global network of operators and ACN’s international presence, there could be an opportunity for ACN to expand its use of Epsilon’s services to cover its other regions, as well as Europe.
ACN will benefit from eVoice’s approach to intelligent routing in the long-term as it continues to scale to meet changing market trends and business needs while consistently being provisioned with a simple, high quality solution to inbound traffic management.
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