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A world-leading American Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company partnered with Epsilon to deploy voice services that directly aligned with their Cloud-based communications platform.

The CPaaS company needed an agile and scalable Voice solution that matched the speed of their services and at the same, is able to integrate seamlessly with their communications platform. As a growing global business, they needed to work with a partner that can provide global coverage without the need to make large upfront investments.

To deliver a consistent experience, the CPaaS company preferred to work with a service provider that has the flexibility to deploy integrated Voice solutions with complete visibility over their performance. It could not rely on traditional procurement models as it serves its growing global customer base ranging from Digital Unicorns to multi-national enterprises.

The ever-growing digital economy has placed enormous pressure on businesses to deliver high-quality, digitalised customer experience. Consumers today want a personalised communications service embedded into all kinds of applications for a seamless user experience. The CPaaS company is seeing stronger demand in Voice functions from their customers and needed to find new ways to help them meet this immediate requirement.

Epsilon’s Premium Voice services supports the CPaaS company’s needs by enabling automated, cost-efficient and scalable solutions for deploying intelligent Cloud-based Voice services via an on-demand, self-service model. By using Infiny by Epsilon’s Application Programme Interface (API), they are able to consume Inbound Voice numbers and Global SIP services and integrate them with their Cloud communications platform.


The CPaaS company needed to support the growth of its communication platform around the globe, especially in challenging new markets that they do not have access to. It needed a partner that could give them a flexible and cost-efficient model to procure local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers which could be integrated with their platform to deliver a consistent experience for their end users.
The first challenge with connecting global markets was having to connect to multiple operators across different countries and regions. Managing multiple relationships with multitudes of operators while managing Voice and Data traffic reconciliation between operators is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. It is also not very cost-effective for Digital Unicorns to establish new infrastructure as they scale to support their customers.
The quality of connectivity and service is important to maintaining customer relationships and ensuring the Quality of Experience (QoE). Be it serving a ride-hailing company or retail business, the CPaaS company needed a guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) in every part of the world. At the same time, the lengthy process of procuring numbers manually can become a barrier to creating a seamless experience for their customers. Slow delivery of services will negatively impact business operations and their end users have little tolerance for services that are not immediate.


Epsilon provided a one-stop solution for the CPaaS company as they continue to enhance their platform to serve a new breed of customers. With a carrier-grade global network and dense interconnect and supplier ecosystem, Epsilon can support the company with a guaranteed QoS and enable them to offer ultra-reliable and secure calls globally. It can manage all aspects of the relationship between operators by reconciling charges and Voice traffic, giving the CPaaS company time and space to focus on innovating new services that support the growth of their customers.
Using Infiny by Epsilon, the CPaaS company can instantly deploy thousands of toll-free and mobile numbers and manage Voice services globally with automated ordering and provisioning. It also offers visibility into the service which includes live information on the availability of phone numbers and status of number porting. Epsilon’s API-enabled approach allows the CPaaS company to seamlessly integrate Voice services into their Cloud communications platform. This gives them on-demand access to a full suite of Premium Voice services including Global SIP Trunking, Global Inbound Services and Number Porting.
With Voice services available on its Cloud communications platform, the CPaaS company is accelerating their customers’ ability to build applications with enhanced usability and end user experience. Businesses that deliver their services to consumer digitally, such as rail-hailing companies, food delivery services and eCommerce platforms, will be able to scale their operations and improve customer interactions globally through a single platform. Epsilon has enabled an agile and flexible way for Digital Unicorns to build high-quality Voice services into their platform without large-scale investment in network infrastructure.

CPaaS providers want Voice services to be as easy to scale and grow as the Cloud-based solutions they offer. They want to be able to enter a new market and introduce a seamless and reliable service to a growing number of users with the added flexibility to rapidly expand their presence. We are making it simple and efficient for Digital Unicorns to deliver a guaranteed Quality of Service and Experience for their users wherever they operate. Our approach to Voice supports their business objectives and enables them to easily thread intelligent communication solutions into a variety of applications and services.

James KnowlesVoice Business Unit Director, Epsilon


  • Rapid Provisioning
    CPaaS company can click-to-connect to consume thousands of Geographic, toll-free and mobile numbers via a web-based portal or integrate it into their existing platforms via APIs.
  • Self Service
    Epsilon’s on-demand connectivity model gives CPaaS companies complete control and removes the complexity from accessing Voice services across multiple locations.
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service
    Epsilon’s depth of infrastructure around the world means CPaaS companies can connect users with a guaranteed QoS and performance across the globe.
  • Security and Compliance
    Epsilon’s Voice services come with security features that ensure the calls are protected, allowing the CPaaS company’s customers to use the numbers with a peace of mind.
  • Go global with ease
    Enable agents to accept global inbound calls and place outbound calls anywhere around the world with Epsilon’s local phone numbers.
  • Visibility
    Infiny enables access to real-time information on the availability of phone numbers as well as status of number porting to continually optimise the service for customers.


As demand for Cloud communication platforms grow, the CPaaS company will need to be able to deploy Voice calls with consistent and guaranteed QoE and QoS globally. With the foundation provided by Epsilon, Digital Unicorns can ready themselves to scale to meet new demand anywhere in the world. Epsilon will continue to be a trusted partner in providing toll-free and mobile numbers to support their Cloud communications platform. This will enable the company to maximise the potential of its business while driving new efficiencies and improving customer experience.
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