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A leading Southeast Asian eCommerce company is using Cloud-centric networking and automated provisioning to accelerate their business growth and serve growing demand in Singapore

A leading Southeast Asian eCommerce company chose Epsilon to deliver a networking solution that brings new speed, agility and reliability to its operations.

The eCommerce company serves hundreds of millions of consumers across multiple countries. It needed a Service Provider that could go beyond legacy networking and give them a flexible model that enables them to move faster than their competitors and scale to serve surging demands in Singapore.

As its Singapore operation rapidly expanded, it needed a partner that could think critically about how networking can support its growth and mirror the speed and agility of eCommerce. It knew it couldn’t rely on traditional networking for the kind of agility it needed. To serve more customers, it needed to partner a service provider that could rapidly turn-up new services and scale its connectivity across the city-state.

The eCommerce company worked with Epsilon to develop islandwide connectivity that supports their business needs in Singapore. Epsilon used intelligent networking technologies and automated provisioning to deliver connectivity that’s designed for extreme growth surges seen in eCommerce. With an elastic connectivity solution across Singapore, the eCommerce company is ready to support new growth and capture new revenue with superior user experience.


The Southeast Asian eCommerce company partnered with Epsilon to rapidly deploy critical connectivity infrastructure to support a rapid uptick in user traffic. It needed to support the growth of its eCommerce business in Singapore and wanted a partner that could give them rapid scalability and an innovative approach.

The challenge was to deliver networking solutions that could be rapidly provisioned with the reliability and resilience that eCommerce demands. In eCommerce, any delays, technical faults or outages can have a direct impact on the business’s bottom line. The quality of connectivity is critical to maintaining customer relationships and ensuring that they have an optimised experience.

The eCommerce company needed an elastic way to turn up new services without disrupting any existing network services. Ultimately, it wanted to mitigate the risks of outage while maintaining an excellent service experience for its customers during the process.


After assessing the needs of the Southeast Asian eCommerce company, Epsilon demonstrated an understanding of the entire value chain and how it could make the company successful by delivering a networking solution that has a true impact on end user experience.
Epsilon deployed a team of engineers in Singapore to develop, test and deliver a seamless solution in the local market. It used knowledge and experience from across its business to develop a unique solution that would support the eCommerce company in the long term.
Epsilon provided metro connectivity across Singapore, connecting multiple enterprise locations and data centres. Intelligent networking was combined with automation to ensure that networks can be rapidly deployed where and when they are needed. The aim was to help the eCommerce company drive flexibility and efficiency with a full end-to-end solution.
During the project, Epsilon ensured that the transition was seamless and there were no interrupted to the operations. It was able to migrate to new connectivity with no downtime or impact on the quality of service or experience. At the same time, the network managers also gained real-time insights into their infrastructure using network analytics that allowed them to monitor and manage their network performance.
“The Southeast Asian eCommerce company was really open-minded when it came to working with us and exploring the benefits of leveraging network orchestration Infiny. They saw the potential in our approach and that it would directly support its growth. We have the expertise to provide super-fast provisioning to support eCommerce and help them capture new revenues. It was a great project to work on and one that will deliver results for the eCommerce company.”
Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO, Epsilon


  • No Downtime
    Epsilon was able to migrate the eCommerce company to new connectivity with no downtime. Epsilon’s carrier-grade MEF-certified network infrastructure delivers guaranteed Quality of Service and Experience
  • Scalability
    The eCommerce company required a reliable service that is scalable. Epsilon provided them with the ability to scale up or down their services to suit changing demand.
  • Flexibility
    Epsilon’s solutions provided the eCommerce company with the opportunity to grow, develop and adapt to new technologies, services and customer demands.
  • Speed of Deployment
    Epsilon deployed instant connectivity with almost no delay between the eCommerce company recognising a need for new connectivity and the deployment of a new service in Singapore.
  • Simplicity
    Epsilon offers a single point of contact for high-quality communications services, eliminating the need for multiple relationships with access providers.
  • Reach
    The eCommerce company gained access to an extensive Singapore metro footprint as well as global coverage of over 100 on-net data centres with extensive reach to other global facilities through Epsilon’s network partner relationships.

“Flexible networking is a must in eCommerce. Epsilon’s services can be shaped by its partners to meet their specific needs with an opex-driven model that supports rapid delivery and scaling. With the option for scalable services, the eCommerce company can adapt its services for the market landscape today and in the future.”

Christine LeeSenior Sales Manager, Epsilon


As the market changes and new challenges emerge, the eCommerce company will need to innovate new ways to deliver its services in Singapore. It must remain cost-efficient while maintaining a networking model that continues to support their business growth.
By partnering with Epsilon, the eCommerce company is ready to meet future demands with flexible and intelligent networking. This enables the company to maximise the potential of its business while driving new efficiency and improving customer experience.
As its business grows, the eCommerce company can rely on Epsilon to expand to other hubs in Southeast Asia and connect its business across the region.
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