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Hentsu is providing hedge fund managers and the Financial Services community with rapid access to cloud applications using Epsilon’s CloudLX cloud connectivity platform

Hentsu, a UK-based Hedge Fund cloud specialist, is delivering flexible and rapid access to cloud-based applications and services for the Financial Services industry. It has taken a ‘cloud-first’ approach to serving hedge fund managers and enabling them to benefit from the agility of the cloud.

With the support of Epsilon’s Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX) cloud connectivity platform, it is connecting new services and sites with on-demand Ethernet, shortening lead times and giving customers unique access to cloud services. Hedge fund and systematic trading strategists depend on mission-critical applications and Epsilon is ensuring that these applications are supported with high performance and consistent cloud connectivity.

CloudLX gives Hentsu flexible and agile access to global cloud service providers and facilitates the adoption of cloud-based applications and services within the Financial Services industry. Hentsu and Epsilon are supporting the success of hedge fund managers with agile and operationally efficient cloud-based solutions.



Hentsu was looking for network services that could support its flexible and agile cloud-based applications and services. It needed network services that could be rapidly deployed with the security and quality to match the needs of the Financial Services industry.

Its client base of hedge fund managers needs guaranteed access to real-time data and order execution with strict Service Level Agreements and regulatory requirements. The Financial Services industry has little room for error.

At the same time, Financial Services have a lot to gain from moving applications and services to the cloud. They benefit from the flexibility to roll out new services rapidly, back up data off-premises, and scale to match growing demand.

Hentsu was challenged to find a smarter way to deliver its critical applications and services with a connectivity provider that understands the cloud. Traditional networking models didn’t match its vision for a truly flexible and agile solution for the Financial Services industry. Hentsu needed a scalable cloud solution that best fit both its own business ethos and its customers’ needs.


Hentsu selected CloudLX to give it immediate access to on-demand Ethernet spanning 170+ countries with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE). It has primarily served customers in the US, UK and Asia. With CloudLX’s global reach it can serve customers around the world with flexible connectivity that can be turned up via a self-serve model.
CloudLX has been designed to support the needs of the cloud and deliver connectivity that mirrors the agility and simplicity of cloud-based services. Hentsu will use CloudLX to deliver multiple trading connections from production trading environments in cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform directly into trading venues. Its customers will be able to add and adjust services in hours instead of weeks and truly benefit from the agility of cloud.
CloudLX’s online portal can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world, giving Hentsu transparent and flexible billing as well as the ability to adjust services whenever and wherever they are needed. It provides a global cloud connectivity platform that makes managing connectivity simple.

The Financial Services industry is extremely demanding in terms of application performance and reliability. CloudLX is able to offer this superior level of performance while also delivering new flexibility and agility. It gives Hentsu a simple and powerful platform for connecting its customers and growing its business with a unique ‘cloud-first’ model.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • New Agility
    CloudLX provides Hentsu with high performance cloud connectivity that can be shaped and adjusted to meet the changing needs of its customers
  • Direct Connectivity
    Through a single connection to CloudLX, Hentsu gains direct connectivity to world leading cloud service providers and Internet exchanges
  • Global Reach
    Hentsu can connect its customers in 170+ countries with consistent and reliable QoS and QoE
  • Self-Service 
    CloudLX’s intuitive user interface makes it simple for Hentsu to manage its connectivity and monitor quality
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
    Hentsu can offer its customers reliable access to their applications and service with high performance cloud connectivity
  • Mission-Critical Security 
    CloudLX protects mission critical data over Epsilon’s carrier grade, next generation terabit optical global network

We are a growing business with customers that demand maximum availability and performance. CloudLX gives us the flexibility to expand globally while also offering our customers a superior experience. We have been impressed with CloudLX’s design and its ability to make cloud connectivity simple and easy to manage. Epsilon has delivered a connectivity solution that supports the adoption of cloud services in the Financial Services industry.

Marko DjukicManaging Director at Hentsu


Cloud-based applications and services are gaining increasing acceptance across the Financial Services industry. As Hentsu  grows its business globally, CloudLX will be able to connect customers around the world and scale to serve increased demand. CloudLX has the reach to support customers in financial hubs globally.
Epsilon is continually evolving its CloudLX platform and it will work closely with Hentsu to ensure that its customers receive the best possible QoS and QoE no matter where they are.
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