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NetIX, a carrier-class Ethernet exchange based in Europe, saw an opportunity to serve growing global demand for its solutions and used SDN to expand its offering. Software-defined networking (SDN) enables service providers and enterprises to rapidly grow to global businesses seamlessly.
NetIX partnered with Epsilon to integrate both companies’ Ethernet networks to operate as a single end-to-end network with a global presence. This enabled NetIX to efficiently scale its business with intelligent, flexible and global connectivity.

Expanded Ecosystem

Ethernet Networks integrated for a greater global presence.


Scale and connect globally on-demand, when required.


On-demand provisioning of connectivity services with a click-of-a-button.

Single Provider

End-to-End solutions through a single provider.


The Best Internet You Can Buy

NetIX serves more than 180 members who are able to exchange traffic with more than 9,000 direct peers. Its customers include internet service providers, large telecoms operators, content delivery networks (CDNs), online gaming content providers, enterprise companies, streaming platforms, and audio and video media companies.

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Adding Value to the Internet Exchange

With increasing membership around the world, NetIX needed a flexible solution that would enable it to scale its network according to demand, without needing physical presence at the new locations. The company prefers to partner with a single network service provider to build on its long-term strategic growth in new markets and serve more members globally.

Epsilon has a simple and powerful model that is able to support our growth in North America and in other markets. As we grow, we know we have a long-term partner that can offer the scalability and reach to global destinations and into the cloud. Epsilon was able to understand our needs and deliver a cost-efficient solution that has enabled us to capture new opportunities in new markets.

Dean BelevVP of Services, NetIX

The Challenge

NetIX’s network already covered a large proportion of Europe, Asia and South America, however the company had no direct access to North America – a huge market with growing demand from European customers.

The challenge for NetIX was determining how to provide its customers with direct access to North America, while ensuring an optimised experience with fast, seamless and secure connectivity.


Infiny by Epsilon

Epsilon’s SDN platform, Infiny by Epsilon, provides a global network fabric connected to points of presence (PoPs) and major internet exchanges (IXs) across the globe. Using a single platform, NetIX can connect on-demand to over 220 data centres and cloud service providers (CSPs), and seamlessly peer at multiple IXs without physical presence. This provides its customers with fast, secure and direct carrier ethernet connectivity to new locations.

By utilising Epsilon’s footprint in North America, NetIX added 46 new PoPs to its network, which now covers over 200 PoPs in 66 cities, 35 countries and 6 continents. Operating as a single end-to-end network, Epsilon’s customers also benefit from optimised connectivity to NetIX’s well-established European network.

NetIX now has the scalability and flexibility to connect to more peers around the world as and when it needs. With Infiny, NetIX can skip the complexities of reaching those peers individually, saving its time and resources to focus on its core business. The partnership enables NetIX to continually meet and exceed its customers’ expectations with optimised reach and performance.

SDN and API: Connecting the dots in a digital ecosystem epsilon on demand webinar

The Future

Together with Epsilon, NetIX now has an even larger global presence across new and existing markets. By utilising this network footprint and remote peering through Infiny, NetIX can continue to optimise its users’ experiences and deliver connectivity across the globe.

Both companies plan to connect to new PoPs and extend their networks even further in the future, accelerating and growing their global reach. NetIX and Epsilon’s customers will continually gain direct, seamless connectivity to data centres, public clouds and major IXs in new markets, where they can benefit from further opportunities in serving a diverse customer base.

With Epsilon’s innovative solutions and firm focus on creating value for customers, NetIX has secured a partner that is dedicated to its success, now and into the future.

Our partnership with NetIX enables it to serve growing demand in North America. It also creates new opportunities for growth in other markets in the future. Infiny gives service providers and enterprises the freedom to grow without limits, while offering the same consistent experience no matter where users are located. Epsilon is supporting NetIX’s ambitious growth plans and accelerating its global growth efficiently.

Mark DaleyDirector, Digital Strategy and Business Development, Epsilon

Solutions Used

Infiny by Epsilon

Epsilon’s software-defined networking allowing users to procure, manage and provision port-to-port, port-to-cloud and port-to-IX, SIP Trunking services and DIDs.

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