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A leading international bank operating across the Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America selected Epsilon to simplify how it connects its regional office footprint directly to the leading cloud service providers (CSP). The bank leveraged Epsilon’s Multi-Service Port offering to rapidly deliver new applications and services with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Planning to reach up to 5 million digital customers in the Southeast Asian market, the bank has been investing in new technology and digital solutions to make banking simpler, smarter and safer. With IT workloads deployed across multiple clouds, it needed direct, secure connection between its branch locations to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and IBM Cloud.

Epsilon’s secure Cloud Connect solution delivered via its Multi-Service Port gave the bank a flexible networking foundation to support their cloud-based business applications.

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Dedicated to Digital Innovation in the Banking Sector

The international bank has been digitally innovating to differentiate its services to both corporate and retail customers. It offers cloud-based banking solutions for corporate customers to manage multiple core processes such as sales, invoicing, payroll, and accounting remotely. The bank was also the first in Singapore to digitalise application process for its consumer banking products.

With significant investment into its digital strategy, the bank aims to be at the forefront of leveraging digital technology to shape the future of banking. It uses customer insights to deliver new business models and digital innovations and to build deeper relationships with their customers.


Flexible Network for the Future of Banking

The bank recognised the need for direct, secure cloud connectivity to ensure the consistent performance of its cloud-based business applications. It wanted direct connectivity to multiple CSPs and the freedom to scale the service while having end-to-end support and management of the network. Ultimately, the goal is to build a foundation for creating new digital services and experiences for their customers.

The banking industry is hungry for flexible and adaptable networking models thanks to its push for digitalisation, Digital services are the future of the industry and banks need a strong foundation to deliver new experiences that enhances interaction with customers. Epsilon is ready to satisfy the need of the banking industry by removing the complexity and risk from networking and enabling banks to transform their operations and seamlessly grow their digital presence.

Warren AwManaging Director, APAC, Epsilon


Managing Multiple Service Providers & Resources

As their digital customers and branch location footprint expands globally, the bank cannot afford to let their network infrastructure slow down the performance of their digital applications. Instead of having to manage multiple service providers, which increased costs and reduced agility, the bank needed a one-stop service provider to manage everything from last-mile connectivity to the CSPs.

At the same time, the bank will need to carefully recalibrate its existing port to the three different CSPs based on bandwidth. The solution has to complement the existing infrastructure and be rolled out within a short timeframe.


Cloud Connect via Multi-Service Port

The bank deployed Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution via its Multi-Service Port for direct, secure connections to AWS, GCP and IBM Cloud. With a flexible networking model, it was able to adjust network capacity to the cloud-based on usage from a single port.

Epsilon provided a comprehensive solution with full site-to-port connectivity as well as hands-on cabling within the data centre. The bank was able to get started quickly and efficiently without needing its own team to manage the setup. In addition to the last mile and Cloud Connect, it can also move the port anywhere on Epsilon’s network so it can serve changing demand in the future.

Epsilon’s Multi-Service Port offering also allows the bank to move to the port to any location on its network fabric.

High Performance

High bandwidth for connecting applications and moving data.


Scalable bandwidth terms and options suited to changing demands globally.

Secure and Reliable

Securing applications and data via Epsilon’s private global network.

Single Provider

Removing the need to manage multiple vendors and service providers.

The Future

By deploying Epsilon’s Multi-Service Port, the bank can freely expand its connectivity to the cloud and grow its presence across the globe. The flexible nature of a multi-service port means it can continually scale-up, adjust and adapt its network to serve the changing needs of its business. It is an ideal model for a bank that is dedicated to fast-paced digital innovation and who prides itself on offering new and enhanced customer experiences.

Epsilon will also continue to expand the number of services and capabilities available via its multi-service port, ensuring that it can continue to support the bank’s future requirements to better serve its corporate and retail customers.

Epsilon’s multi-service port gives enterprises an end-to-end solution for connecting the last mile, CSPs, internet exchanges, data centres and other networks globally. They gain a one-stop-shop for their connectivity needs with a simple and cost-efficient model. Our multi-service port is underpinned by a MEF-certified carrier-grade 100G backbone network which ensures maximum uptime and performance. With a single port, enterprises can expand their capabilities and solve all of their interconnection needs with greater agility and flexibility.

Prasanna C.Deputy Product Director, Epsilon

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