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VisioNet chose Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution for scalable, private and secure connection to world-leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP), including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud amongst others.

With Infiny by Epsilon, VisioNet can now deliver on-demand connectivity to multiple CSPs while enhancing its Cloud Managed services and Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for its enterprise customers.
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High Performance

MEF-certified Ethernet service for reliable, secure and low latency connection


Scale and adapt to ever changing needs and demands


Procure and manage cloud connectivity through a single on-demand platform

Single Provider

A single provider offering direct connection to the world


Providing End-to-end IT Managed Services

VisioNet offers coverage for over 155 service points throughout Indonesia, serving enterprise customers across industries such as banking, finance, retail, hospitality and automotive. Their customers across its footprint rely on them to deliver low latency, high-performance cloud services that support their business operations and digital transformation.


Discovering a Solution with New Efficiencies

VisioNet wanted to explore a fast and efficient way to connect its Indonesian enterprise customers to the Cloud.

Indonesia’s Cloud market is growing rapidly and our customers want seamless connectivity to the Cloud with maximum simplicity and agility. We selected Epsilon’s Direct Cloud Connect delivered via Infiny as it removes the complexity when connecting to multiple CSPs. Infiny gives us a competitive advantage across our service delivery and enables us to meet the growing Cloud demand across the vertical sectors we serve.

Miko YanuarCTO and CSMO, VisioNet

The Challenge

Rapid growth in digital services in Indonesia has resulted in increased demand for Cloud services, particularly in public Cloud. Indonesian Cloud spend was approximately $172 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 38.6%, according to Frost & Sullivan.

VisioNet was experiencing strong demand for connection to the global CSPs, but often faced performance and latency issues. While leased line connectivity is able to achieve lower latency, it requires additional resources to manage the connections to the individual CSPs. This means having to manage multiple service providers for each Cloud connection, which proved to be an inefficient way for connecting multiple CSPs.

VisioNet needed a solution that enables scalable yet flexible connectivity to multiple CSPs without compromising on either security or performance. Its goal was to deliver high-quality Cloud solutions to Indonesia’s increasingly Cloud-centric enterprises.


Infiny by Epsilon

The platform enables automated, self-service provisioning of connections to the major CSPs using Epsilon’s MEF-certified Ethernet service with granular bandwidth options and flexible terms.

With over 250 data centres globally, Epsilon is present in the same data centre where VisioNet deliver their Cloud solutions. This further reduces the number of hops for lower latency when interconnecting with Epsilon’s global network for direct cloud connections.

VisioNet can connect its customers to multiple CSPs, providing scalable, private and secure Cloud connectivity globally. For the booming Cloud market in Indonesia, there is a strong first-mover’s advantage, which VisioNet has benefitted from by working with Epsilon.

SDN and API: Connecting the dots in a digital ecosystem epsilon on demand webinar

The Future

With Infiny, VisioNet is interconnected with a growing ecosystem of global data centres, CSPs and Internet Exchanges (IXs), which allows the company to serve new demand for more complex connectivity requirements in the future. As the Indonesian market continues to grow, VisioNet will see new data centres, CSPs and IXs added to Epsilon’s global network. This enables VisioNet to expand their reach, enhance their service portfolio and grow globally without limits.

Indonesia is now in the golden age of digitalisation. Businesses across the country are seeing rising demand for Cloud solutions to support their eCommerce, fintech, digital content and many other digital activities. By adding Direct Cloud Connect to its service offering, VisioNet is better enabled to support their customers in Indonesia and across the region. They are now in a great position to play an even more critical role in their customers’ long term Cloud strategy.

Peter YoungGlobal Product Manager, Epsilon

Solutions Used

Cloud Connect

A flexible and secure internet-bypass solution for optimising your business applications and services hosted in your public Cloud.

Infiny by Epsilon

Epsilon’s network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform allowing users to procure, manage and provision port-to-port, port-to-cloud and port-to-IX, SIP Trunking services and DIDs.

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