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Remote peering made it simple for aamra, a Bangladeshi ICT solution and service provider, to connect its users in Europe to localised content by accessing a global ecosystem of Internet Exchanges (IXs)

Service providers today serve a variety of end users who demand a consistent, high-quality user experience anywhere around the world. In the age of customer experience, peering at Internet Exchanges allows service providers to create new efficiencies while enabling them to deliver an optimised end user experience. However, many of them do not have the resources to scale their network to access the Internet Exchanges they want presence in.

aamra recognised the potential of peering in its business, but it knew it could not rely on traditional networking to offer a new level of user experience. It needed an agile and scalable connectivity model that could provide seamless, on-demand access to the Internet Exchanges Points (IXPs) without substantial investments into the network infrastructure.

To support the growth of internet traffic between Bangladesh and Europe, aamra chose Epsilon’s IX Peering solution to gain on-demand access to an ecosystem of IXs. Epsilon gives aamra a seamless way to scale its connectivity to IXs in Europe and across the globe, maximising its efficiency and scalability to deliver a consistent user experience globally.


aamra serves more than 1,600 customers in various industry segments across Bangladesh, including Finance, Healthcare, Government, Education, Technology and Telecommunications. It is peering with a number of Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers and carriers around the world. With increasing user traffic between Europe and Bangladesh, the European market has become essential to its long-term success.
The company established a Point of Presence (PoP) in Marseille to support this demand, but it also wanted to deliver a high-quality user experience to its customers when they access European content and services. To further expand its presence, it planned to add European IXs to its global footprint to ensure their customers receive the best possible user experience.
aamra wanted to connect with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) to peer with its large pool of diverse international peering partners, while accessing the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) as most of its required prefixes are present there.
However, there are complex challenges around establishing the network infrastructure to peer at the IXPs and also having the relevant skill sets and technical knowledge in peering. It needed a partner that could give them the scalability to access the IXs at new locations without the need to manage infrastructure costs or adding complexity to its operations.
At the same time, aamra preferred to have control and visibility over the service while having the flexibility to expand the network across the globe seamlessly. An agile networking model would enable them to connect to multiple IXs with the freedom to scale the network as their business evolves. This would allow them to offer their customers the best possible experience and serve more of their future networking needs.


Interconnected to major IXs around the world, Epsilon has the global reach and expertise to support aamra’s peering needs in Europe. Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution provides direct and secure access to the world’s largest IXs.

With remote peering, aamra does not need to have presence at the IXPs to peer with local service and content providers. It was able to leverage Epsilon’s global network to seamlessly access LINX in London and AMS-IX in The Netherlands.

Instead of becoming a member at each IX and managing its connectivity to these destinations, aamra now has the agility, flexibility, and scalability to connect globally with the award-winning Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform, Infiny by Epsilon. With Infiny, it gains a single platform for connecting on-demand to multiple IXs anywhere around the world.

This means that they can free up time and resources to focus on value-adding services for their customers. aamra now has more control over the destination and getting its content within fewer hops which improved the overall latency and jitter.

Epsilon made it is as easy as possible for aamra to access the IXs and make the most out of its global network fabric to connect to leading interconnect hubs around the world. It can use Infiny to interconnect with 300 global Points of Presence (PoPs) and connect to IXs in unique and high-growth markets. With an expanded global presence, aamra can now bring content closer to its customers and meet the growing demand for applications and services in Bangladesh and Europe.

We make it simple and seamless for companies like aamra to extend their reach and connect their customers in new markets with on-demand remote peering. Using Infiny, aamra can rapidly access a dense ecosystem of IXs with a truly flexible and reliable infrastructure. Consumers today demand high-quality content and digital experience. By choosing Epsilon, aamra is prioritising performance and user experience to support their customers’ needs globally.

Michel RobertCEO, Epsilon

Epsilon gives aamra a seamless way to scale its connectivity to IXs in Europe and across the globe, maximising its efficiency and scalability to deliver a consistent user experience globally.

ethernet on a new level


  • Strategic Partners
    We deliver access to a growing number of IXs including DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, SGIX, FranceIX, NYIIX, BBIX, JPIX as well as smaller exchanges in local markets
  • Guaranteed Quality
    Our end-to-end SLAs deliver consistent and reliable connectivity to global IXs
  • Seamless Management
    Our simple and seamless interface ensures you can control and monitor your connectivity efficiently
  • Cost Efficient
    You can peer seamlessly around the globe without having to invest in the network infrastructure to reach the world’s leading IXs
  • Scalable Connectivity
    Infiny by Epsilon enables you to connect to IXs anywhere in the world with connectivity that can be turned up as and when required at the click-of-a-button
  • Expanding Ecosystem
    We are providing a presence that spans the globe by consistently adding new Internet Exchanges to our offering
  • Quality of Experience
    You can improve the Quality of Experience for your end users with reliable private connections to the leading content and application providers

Epsilon offers us immediate access to new IXs with the flexibility and scalability to meet growing customer demand. IX Peering accelerates how we use peering in our business and gives us the freedom to grow where the demand is. From a single platform, we can seamlessly expand into new markets and offer our customers a solution that optimises the delivery of content and Cloud services globally. Our customers and their end users see the difference.

Syed Faruque AhmedChairman, aamra


In this initial phase, aamra chose LINX and AMS-IX to fulfil their immediate business requirements. By using Infiny to access the IXs, aamra gains unparalleled visibility and control over its network services while adding resilience and optimising the Quality of Experience for its customers.

With plans to connect with DE-CIX, NL-ix and France-IX in the near future, it can continue to use Infiny to peer remotely at the other IXPs. At the same time, it will also be able to connect on-demand to over 300 PoPs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) on Epsilon’s global network fabric.

Using Infiny, aamra has a full suite of networking solutions that are ready to grow and evolve with its business. This gives them the ability to quickly adapt to changing customer demands using a single SDN platform for all their connectivity needs.

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