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Orchestration, automation and visibility are ensuring that Cloud-based applications and services are delivered with new levels of network performance. The software layer is transforming networking from “Best Effort” to globally consistent platforms for driving Cloud adoption.

Network quality is critical to the success of any Cloud deployment. Service Providers that are connecting Cloud-based applications and services have to offer high performance networking that can deliver the best possible experience for end users. Cloud-based applications and services are only as good as the networks that deliver them.

At Epsilon, we’ve taken that challenge seriously and deployed our own bespoke intelligent networking technology that uses a reliable, scalable and future proof network core to deliver guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE). Across our global network, we are capturing data and using it to optimise our customers networking insights and operating environment for Cloud services.

Network orchestration and automation empowers uses and gives them control over their networks. They can optimise their connectivity to meet the specific needs of sites around the world. CloudLX is supported with a depth of back office automation that makes bandwidth accessible at the click-of-a-button. Our global terabit optical network is open to users to connect and deploy the networks they need on six continents.
At the same time, we deliver real-time end-to-end visibility into network performance. Success in the Cloud relies on maximum availability and performance that can support demanding applications.We use real-time analytics to troubleshoot network issues as they happen, while also empowering our customers with actionable insights with end-to-end visibility. That is key for understanding how users experience their Cloud services and guaranteeing that their services are free from disruptions. Within our platform, we graph frame loss, jitter, two-way latency and availability, making it simple for users to see an understand network performance.
The benefit for Service Providers using our Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX) platform is that they have a reliable networking environment for serving their customers. The network is being shaped to meet their needs in real-time and growing in strength overtime. Customers can be confident in connecting their services and move more of their ICT services into the Cloud.
Network quality supports the overall Cloud ecosystem and enables it to grow. That increases Cloud usage and in turn helps Service Providers to grow revenues from the Cloud. We are continually refining our intelligent orchestration technologies and will continue to optimise our Cloud Connectivity services and global network.
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