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SIP Trunking solutions do not have to exist in isolation. They can start local and go global with the right approach.

To date, service providers have acted in isolation, creating SIP islands around the world. This has served them well with local and regional deployments but as large international enterprises roll out SIP these SIP islands need to be connected.

As with most growing services, SIP adoption is gradual with enterprises typically rolling out SIP in one or two sites to start. As the value of SIP is proven, enterprise demand for SIP roll outs across multiple sites is increasing, driving the importance of extending network trunking capabilities globally.

Today service providers have had to find partners with comparable services and roll out international networks to create a unified service. This has seen costs driven up while limiting the speed of global deployments. It puts up barriers for local and regional service providers and keeps them from competing for new business and winning large contracts. Today’s SIP market limits how they can serve enterprises and makes international growth challenging.

Enterprises will look for local and regional SIP providers to deliver these services and extend beyond their home market. CIOs and end users see their Unified Communications services as unlimited platforms and it is up to service providers to help them deliver truly “unified” communications globally.

We are working with SIP providers around the world to help them serve this demand. Together with global service providers we have developed the global end-to-end SIP services powered by the SIP Trunk Federation. It offers service providers the efficiency, scalability, connectivity and partners needed to be successful in the global SIP Trunking market.

The SIP Trunk Federation uses the existing strengths of local and regional SIP Trunking services to create end-to-end global solutions that benefit all members and for those looking for global SIP solutions. It is proactively supporting the maturation of SIP and offers a solution to an emerging challenge facing service providers around the world.

The key to success for the SIP Trunk Federation is that members join and recognise the benefits of collaborating and working together. Going it alone can be costly and has inherent risks. When the service providers join forces, they can limit the risk of developing global SIP offerings and accelerate their growth.

Service providers that can see the opportunity to capture new and larger contracts should explore the value and benefits of joining the SIP Trunk Federation.

Joining the federation has no membership fees or annual subscriptions. Members only stand to receive new traffic and revenue from other members, while at the same time gaining new international capabilities. For global SIP Trunking to mature, service providers have to look at the most efficient and practical way to monetise SIP and that is exactly what the SIP Federation does.

Service providers should capture this opportunity with both hands, and join our SIP Trunk Federation in order to expand reach out of their home markets to compete for a wider variety of global contracts.

Are you looking to expand your global SIP trunk reach? If so, please get in touch and we can answer any questions:

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