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Telco 3.0

Elastic, Fluid and Intelligent Models for Networking the ICT Services of the Future

The global networking industry is entering an era of extreme change that is reshaping how service providers operate and deliver connectivity solutions. Old models need to be replaced and innovation must accelerate delivery of connectivity solutions.

Our industry is entering a third phase, where traditional boundaries and limitations are being removed and networking is becoming fluid, elastic and intelligent.

The first era of the communications industry or Telco 1.0 was built around basic voice services.

Telco 2.0 saw the emergence of voice and data with consumer mobile, long-distance voice, and point to point connectivity supporting basic enterprise applications which have defined the market. To date, network services have been built to serve these needs.

Telco 3.0, the intelligent Cloud Centric Network is built to support the emergent networking needs of APIs, orchestration, Cloud-centric models, Real-Time communication, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

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  • Telco 3.0: Networking the future
  • Four Pillars of Telco 3.0
  • The Benefits of Telco 3.0
  • Enabling an Ecosystem of Innovation

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