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For the people of Middle Earth, there’s the one ring to rule them all. But no one could confine the power of the ring, not even the dark lord Sauron.

For many service providers and enterprises, managing multiple network services is rather cumbersome and the idea of having one port to rule them all makes a great proposition. What we wanted to offer is a single port that solves all connectivity pain points.

And that’s now a reality.

After many tireless months of research and enhancement, we have finally launched the Multi-Service Port to make connecting applications and data more flexible, simpler and faster.

From single port connection, our customers can provision an array of network services or what we call, Virtual Connect (VC) services.

Best of all, the port can be moved to any location, making the Epsilon network even more consumable than ever before.
As a cloud-centric global connectivity service provider, we see this as the next evolution of our transformation through the creation of new value for customers. 
Multi-Service Port is all about supporting the rapid deployment of applications and helping businesses to adapt to changing demand while enabling cost-efficient network services at scale. It offers a simple and powerful way to support an increasingly complex IT environment with a foundation built on a carrier-grade MEF-certified global backbone.
What makes our Multi-Service Port different?
With the Multi-Service Port, customers can complete their digital journey with Epsilon. From a single port, a virtual connect – a private, dedicated point-to-point ethernet VLAN connection – is established between two endpoints.
This can be activated to any points within our network connecting over 220 data centres globally.
You get what you pay for, that’s what really makes the proposition stand out.
It doesn’t make any sense to pay a monthly recurring charge (MRC) for a dumb pipe when it isn’t fully utilised with network services running on it. And that is why we offer two unique options: Unlimited and Limited.
The Unlimited Multi-Service Port give you access to all VC services.
This includes Data Centre Interconnect (DCI), Direct Cloud Connect, Remote Peering, last mile connectivity to any endpoint, virtual cross connect via Marketplace, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) central breakout, direct internet access (DIA), IP Transit, ethernet Point of Presence (ePoP) and ethernet over SDH (EoSDH).
The Limited option allows access to a handful number of VC services but retains the original nature of the Multi-Service Port offering.
This goes back to the reason why we were founded nearly two decades ago: Simplicity.
We are building a robust global network with world-class connectivity solutions delivered through a flexible, scalable and simple model.
Unlike other service providers, we do not leave you to figure it out yourself. We support you in everything from cabling to last mile connections while offering on-demand connectivity to the locations you need with our Infiny software-defined networking (SDN) platform.
High Performance
Our Multi-Service Port supports large bandwidth up to 100Gbps which not all service providers are able to offer. 
We have looked at this from our customers’ perspective, considering the demand to deliver larger data sets and high bandwidth applications. We’re delivering tier 1 services that are cost-efficient and simple to access. 
Customers can also choose to move their port to wherever they need to go on our network without having to repurchase a port or change the contract term.
Networking Experts
On top of this, with our rich heritage in telecommunications, we’re the experts in networking. If you are a service provider, you can rely on us to deliver services that are reliable and help you add value to your customers.
For enterprises, we have made our services super easy to use without nasty long-term contracts and rigid network capacity.
At the end of the day, our solutions are built with the end-users in mind.
Get Started!
To enable more people to experience the benefits of a Multi-Service Port, enjoy an additional 3 months free when you purchase a port for 12 months or more. The more the merrier!
Not convinced? Let us convince you, we have a bunch of downloadable content here.
Otherwise, get in touch directly with your account manager or if you’re new to Epsilon, just drop us a message and we will get back in a jiffy!
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