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The world’s data traffic is growing at a massive rate.

Businesses are using them in real time to gain insights into their customers, the markets they serve and other business cases such as strategy planning and partnerships.

Cisco predicted that the global monthly IP traffic will reach 50GB per capita by 2022, a threefold increase from 2017.

Business applications and services are powered by data, working in harmony to keep the business running. Data help to enhance the user experience and push content or products to the right audience through customer-facing applications. 
Meanwhile, mission-critical data and apps ensure the business is operating at 100% efficiency.
Any fault in this delicate environment can disrupt the entire business operation. This is especially critical in industries like logistics and hospitality, where a single point of failure can collapse the entire value chain.
No network is perfect but…
There are ways to make connectivity work harder for your organisation.
Enterprises need better control and flexibility in the way they connect and deliver their business applications and data. Favouring the hybrid cloud model means the need to interconnect data centres and cloud as well as various endpoints for efficient access to the services.
Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) has reinvented the wheel with on-demand access to networking and faster provisioning of connectivity services.
In some instances, the procurement of network has become easier to manage.
Traditional telco models limit customers to one service on a single port – strictly allowing fixed bandwidth capacity and term. This no longer works for a cloud-first world.
Today’s new breed of network service providers are innovating to better serve their enterprise customers’ needs.
Differentiating themselves from traditional telcos, these network service providers are focused on helping customers to better connect their applications and data.
Multiple services on a single port?
The concept of having multiple services on a single port isn’t new but this model allows enterprises to enjoy the benefit of flexible networking in the long term.
With one port providing access to a range of virtual connect services, enterprises can simplify the way they connect globally and adapt to changing needs.
Some of the most critical pain points enterprises face today can be solved with a multi-service port:
  • Complexity
    Connecting and optimising applications and services across the globe can be complicated. Physical provisioning means having to figure out the cabling and cross-connect. Having a network service provider to manage these aspects mean manual provisioning and self-configuration can be put in the past. With multiple services available on a single port, enterprises also don’t have to manage a different service provider for each service.
  • Scalability
    As an enterprise grows in size, its ICT infrastructure has to scale in cadence. However, not all multi-service port offering are the same. Service provider with limited reach and service portfolio wouldn’t be able to support a growing enterprise’s ICT needs.This includes support high bandwidth of up to 100Gbps, which not a lot of service providers can offer.
  • Flexibility
    A lot of service providers fail to offer a flexible solution when it comes to connectivity. Network demands shift according to the business operations. The benefit of a multi-service port provides the flexibility for customers to move their ports around the network anytime and wherever they need.
  • Cost-Efficiency
    It’s not about being the cheapest but rather, the value that comes along with the offering. A multi-service port can provide bigger cost-savings since you only pay for what you use and maintain the port at a fixed monthly recurring charge (MRC). At Epsilon, we offer the market’s most competitive pricing model.
  • Reach
    Multi-service port can provide seamless connections to global networks with hundreds of data centres, cloud service providers (CSPs), internet exchanges (IXs) and more.
    Service providers and enterprises can extend their reach to new markets and serve more of their customers’ needs with additional services.

The power of connectivity lies in the underlying network.

Connecting your applications and data globally shouldn’t be a nightmare.

As a foundation of your business processes, the network has to compliment your overall IT strategy from both technical and operational perspectives. This may mean turning up cloud services at a new location in minutes or interconnect two data centres across continents.

At Epsilon, our recently launched Multi-Service Port is a purpose-built solution to solve the networking pain points that service providers and enterprises are facing today.

We don’t only solve these challenges, but also offer complete technical support to make our customers’ digital journeys simple.

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