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Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing and most diverse Cloud markets in the world. According to Cisco Systems, the region is set to outpace the rest of world with a 31.6% CAGR in Cloud data centre workloads from 2015 to 2020. Mobile growth is exploding with China’s mobile traffic expected to have surpassed that of the United States by the end of last year.

It is a market that demands network infrastructure that is agile, on-demand and ready to scale for growth. Many Service Providers across the region will be challenged to keep up with the pace of transformation in Asia Pacific and will need to look at how they are going to monetise this growth.

Epsilon has been headquartered in Singapore and 15 years on since our launch, we’re enabling network-dependent organisations across Asia Pacific to connect and optimise their applications and services. We’re on the ground in the market and are growing our footprint to support Cloud adoption and are enabling our partners to monetise Cloud.
Today, we have facilitated connectivity services across Asia in markets as diverse as Japan, South Korea, Myanmar and Indonesia. In our home base in Singapore, we have co-location infrastructure and a dense data centre metro interconnect fabric that directly serves the local and regional Cloud demand. In Hong Kong, we have a similar set up designed to support Cloud growth with a growing hub.
In 2018, we are going to continue to grow our presence in Asia with new Points of Presence (PoPs) coming online throughout the year. New PoPs will be located in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia and other local and regional hubs.
This is all part of our strategy to bring Cloud-centric Networking as close as possible to end users and enable partners to offer optimal experience and global connectivity on-demand. More partners will be able to use our Infiny by Epsilon platform and Global Interconnect Fabric to connect their customers and grow their businesses across Asia.
We have had success in growing our regional presence in the US and rolling out new PoPs in Asia will support new and existing partners with a greater depth of local infrastructure. Our Global Interconnect Fabric is growing and Asian partners will see the benefits in 2018.
No matter what market our partners are in across Asia, they should have equal access to global Cloud. End users should have the same experience of the Cloud globally with no limits on the applications they use. That’s really exciting to us and we are executing on our vision for Cloud-centric Networking in our own backyard with this new growth in Asia.
If you’d like to learn more about our plans for infrastructure development in Asia or want to know how we can help maximise the potential of a new approach to networking in your business, get in touch:
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