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Living in a hyperconnected world means that services are no longer restricted by physical boundaries. From e-commerce to gaming, companies are bringing their applications to users anywhere in the world. Going beyond local markets do not only drive greater commercial opportunities but also spurs innovation and ultimately better service options.

With new opportunities come new challenges. How do you scale from connecting thousands of users to millions of users across the world? Instead of large upfront cost and investing in infrastructure, services providers are looking for cost-efficient and flexible ways to scale their business.

In the digital era of hypersensitive users, it is also critical to be able to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience; regardless of geographical location. These new business demands are changing the way network service providers approach global connectivity. For too long, automation in telecoms has been isolated on individual networks. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) now enables greater business agility and scalability, giving enterprises and service providers better control over their network to respond to the changing demands.

However, most SDN services today have limitations on a geographic basis are operated in silos. They can offer centrally-managed connectivity with the agility and scalability but over a limited footprint. To maximise the potential of SDN, the orchestration of services must be truly global and go beyond what is being offered by many providers currently.

Our cross-carrier automation strategy has opened our infrastructure to the world’s largest networks. We are using APIs to interconnect our SDN platform, Infiny by Epsilon, with other service providers to create a friction-free and seamless on-demand experience when connecting globally. Partners who integrate their platforms through APIs will gain instant access to each other’s network as well as new connectivity solutions.

An example of this is our partnership with DCConnect, a leading Chinese on-demand connectivity provider. It is the first time two SDN platforms have been interconnected in China via a bi-lateral API integration. Through this partnership, users of Infiny and DCConnect’s SD-Cloud Express can rapidly provision a suite of on-demand connectivity services and expand their reach into new markets.

Right now, DCConnect’s customers in China can access our Global Interconnect Fabric of more than 600 service providers, cloud service providers and internet exchanges as well as gain seamless connect to over 100 global destinations. This allows its customers to connect beyond China using the same portal they have been using for local connectivity. For instance, a local mobile gaming company eyeing global expansion can use SD-Cloud Express by DCConnect to turn up network services across Asia, Africa, Middle East, North American and Europe instantly.

The benefit of interconnecting SDN platforms goes both ways. Using Infiny, our customers can now interconnect in major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They can instantly connect to DCConnect’s network with extended access to a network infrastructure of more than 100 Points of Presence (PoPs) and 11 cloud service providers in China.

SDN is creating new opportunities for network service providers in becoming true enablers of digital transformation. With interconnected SDN platforms, the costs and complexities involved in global connectivity can be reduced without compromising the overall user experience. We are taking real steps towards the advancements of network APIs and enabling the automation of the entire lifecycle for service orchestration across multiple provider networks.

Epsilon is changing what’s possible in the wholesale ecosystem by using APIs to accelerate carrier interconnection and increase the reach and scope of on-demand connectivity. Whether you are a start-up in China or multi-national corporation in Europe, being able to traverse both physical and network boundaries can help supercharge your expansion into new markets. To find out more about Infiny and connecting globally on-demand, get in touch with us at

In partnership with DCConnect, Epsilon’s Global Fabric Shanghai will be held at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor on 11 December 2018.

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