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Disruptive businesses need a disruptive approach to networking. Start-up Unicorns have been reshaping industries around the world and they need a new approach to networking that enables innovation and removes the limits on their organisations.

The challenge for Unicorns is to find a connectivity provider that understands these needs and can deliver networking that mirrors their approach to business. Legacy models were not developed to serve network-dependent businesses that move at the speed of a Unicorn. They need a connectivity provider that thinks like them and can execute at the highest possible level.

The benefit for Unicorns is that they gain a partner that wants to collaborate, innovate and drive new growth with new models. Networking can be the source of new growth and experience for users. Unicorns just need to find a connectivity provider that has moved beyond legacy models and is creating the future of networking.

When choosing a connectivity provider, start-up Unicorns should look for:

  • Self-Service – Global connectivity can be procured online at the click of a button. Just like AWS or any other Cloud Service Provider, services can be connected via an online portal with minimal steps between logging in and completing the transaction. Deploying networks can be as simple as any other Cloud service.
  • On-Demand Connectivity – Networking can be delivered on-demand. Businesses can turn up global networks in minutes instead of weeks. That means that a Unicorn can see demand in one market and roll out infrastructure to support their business. They can scale up to meet rapid demand in new locations and know that they have on-demand connectivity ready to support them.
  • Guaranteed Performance – Many Unicorns serve ultra-sensitive users who will leave their service if there are any performance issues. If an app doesn’t work, it gets deleted in minutes. That is why guaranteed end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE) are critical to Unicorn growth. Cloud-centric networking delivers new visibility into network performance and offers QoS and QoE that optimises application performance.
  • Opex-based – Moving capex to opex gives Unicorns new flexibility to grow. They are able to budget on a month-by-month basis and manage costs accordingly. As revenue or funding comes in, they aren’t lumbered with heavy upfront costs for services and can adjust them as they go. This is cost-efficient and matches Cloud models.
  • Comprehensive Solutions – Cloud-centric networking can support Data, Voice and Cloud connectivity. It can provide connectivity between data centres from one metro area to another or support the integration of Rich Communication Services into a mobile app. It can give on-demand Cloud access to multiple Cloud providers creating new redundancy while supporting vendor consolidation. That delivers new simplicity.
  • APIs – Cloud-centric networking can be delivered via APIs and be incorporated into existing platforms. Connectivity can be fluid and leveraged in new environments. It can provide a foundation for the delivery of new services and be seamlessly integrated with other APIs to create entirely new offerings.

Connectivity providers that are exploring new ways of serving their partners and deliver customer service excellence will enable a Unicorn to grow in the long term. Today’s solutions may not serve tomorrow’s demands. Unicorns need the support of a connectivity provider that is as passionate about disruption and innovation as they are. They need a connectivity provider that is proactively supporting them and finding new ways to solve their networking challenges.

To learn more about our approach to serving Unicorns, take a look at our whitepaper: Connecting Start-up Unicorns

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