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Epsilon had its biggest month ever for self-registration in January. More of our partners than ever before are logging on and registering themselves to use our Infiny by Epsilon platform and procure and manage their connectivity services. It’s great to see so many of our partners removing the barriers to how they can access pricing, ordering and provisioning on-demand.

Our self-registration process enables businesses to access the services they need with the fewest possible steps. It fast-tracks the procurement process and simplifies how our partners can connect.

When a partner uses self-registration, they can conceive, click and consume networks services right away. They gain immediate access to our suite of network connectivity services with a limit of credit to get them started.

Infiny by Epsilon replaces A to B connectivity with a Cloud-centric approach that offers network resources that can be procured and managed on-demand. It’s truly providing a broad array of Network Service Providers around the world with all the tools they need to accelerate innovation in the Cloud era. As a registered user, our partners gain access to a suite of high-performance communications services and applications at the click of a button.

The alternative is to use the traditional model with its lengthy and complex processes that don’t suit the customer. Long lead times and slow innovation can be stagnating. Customers today, want more control over their services. They want a model that can scale with their business requirements. They need a service level that brings new intelligence and visibility to a standard SLA. The traditional model was built to support legacy services and in today’s Cloud-centric market it needs to be faster, more flexible and dedicated to partner enablement.

By self-registering on Infiny, businesses no longer need to engage with sales checks and application forms. This process could potentially take a week or two before a provider could actually get started. Ultimately, our partners have fewer steps between logging on and getting started. They can register, get online and instantly procure services.

It’s all about being able to create a better customer experience and deliver customer service excellence. We simplify the process for our partners’ connectivity needs. It supports the speed and growth of businesses. When fast, simple and powerful networking solutions are in place, businesses have a great foundation for growth. That’s very exciting and changes how our partners can access on-demand connectivity services.

It’s great to see more of our partners adopting the self-registration process and we expect this to continue month-on-month. Looking forward, we hope to see almost all of our partners following the self-registration process. Ultimately, it benefits them.

If you’d like to learn more about Infiny, get in touch here:

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