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The Middle East region is a global business hub that is quickly transforming into a world-leading digital economy. With the digitalisation of government services and small and medium-sized businesses, there is a growing demand for network connectivity to support the rapid transformation in the Middle East. It was projected that Middle East government spent over US$15 billion in 2018 on digital transformation enabling technologies.

This presents new opportunities for service providers to accelerate their customers’ growth in the Middle East. To realise their ambitious goals, businesses might be looking for a managed service provider (MSP) that can build a comprehensive ICT solution which includes connectivity in and out of the region. However, global networking is a complex and expensive undertaking without investment in extensive infrastructure and having the local expertise.

Traditionally, service providers are often restricted by where they operate. They can serve the needs of their customers in their home market but are challenged when serving their needs in the international arena. In today’s fast-paced world, they will need a trusted partner to deliver cost-effective, reliable and flexible connectivity.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is now realising these possibilities. Connecting to new locations globally is faster than ever, with an on-demand, self-model model using an SDN platform. Service providers can quickly connect their customers globally and grow the relationship by serving more of their business needs.

At Epsilon, we are enabling our service provider partners to meet the needs in the new era of digital-centric enterprises. Our SDN platform Infiny by Epsilon offers on-demand access to the leading global interconnection hubs, giving them access to network fabric for innovating and capturing new revenue globally. MSPs can use Infiny to instantly establish a presence in the Middle East and build that connectivity into their customers’ IT solutions. At the click of a button, users of Infiny can interconnect to hundreds of data centres globally.

This means that service providers can rely on the platform to provision on-demand connectivity from Asia, Europe and the US into Middle East where we are present at datamena, a carrier-neutral data centre and connectivity platform based in the UAE. Furthermore, they can seamlessly connect to an extended ecosystem of data centres in the metro area and access to Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges across the region.

We make connectivity simple for our partners so that they can focus on innovating their offering and growing in new areas. Whether you are a local MSP serving international enterprises or regional carrier looking to expand globally, we have the capabilities to help you expand the scope of your business and generate new revenue across new markets.

If you’d like to learn how simple it is to grow your reach globally, register now or arrange a meeting with us at Capacity Middle East 2019 to learn more

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