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The rapidly growing cloud market is driving the need for global connectivity, as more and more cloud locations are rolled out across the globe. In fact, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 6.3% in 2020 to total $257.9 billion, up from $242.7 billion in 2019, according to Gartner.

This cloud growth has in turn driven the rise of the distributed cloud business application ecosystem. As enterprises move their mission-critical applications to the cloud, they need to enable access and interworking between these applications with mission-critical connectivity.

All of this is driving a huge increase in the demand for fast and reliable access to network connectivity – particularly in the on-demand connectivity sector.

As software-defined networking (SDN) and orchestrated connectivity services become more available, Network as a Service (NaaS) becomes a viable option for enabling larger scale enterprise solutions and services.

For managed service providers and data centre operators, the prospect of having on-demand connectivity as a resource and enablement tool greatly expands their ability to meet enterprise needs driven by the cloud.
In the technology industry, 64% of all dollars flow indirectly, with the channel model contributing to $2.26 trillion according to Forrester. Channel partnership is key for organisations looking to grow across the globe. It allows service providers to extend their digital reach with local market knowledge and expertise.
Competing on Experience
The challenge for many digital services and infrastructure providers is the continual need to improve not just the user experience, but what we now call the ‘application experience’.
The integration and inter-operability needs of application to application communications can’t just rely on the internet for function enablement. The ‘mash up’ of different applications to create new solutions has grown to industrial scale and needs high-performing connectivity to enable it.
ICT professionals are not just designing physical networks, but are having to overlay application networks designs. This approach has become critical to the user and business process performance of their companies.
As a result, demand for connectivity services that enable these new integration projects and long-term performance are on the rise for enterprise customers. Providers of these services run the risk of losing out to competitors if they can’t offer adaptability and flexibility in their connectivity.
The Connectivity Opportunity
With the cost of connectivity come down and accessibility gone up, more service providers are finding it easier to include connectivity in their solution portfolio and manage the services themselves.
The NaaS model is an enabler for new market opportunities for all kinds of partners:

By packaging connectivity services with their existing offering, these service providers are in a better position to support all of their enterprise customers’ needs. They deliver their services more effectively by spinning up new network connectivity and can meet changing demands anywhere, anytime. More businesses are scaling up their bandwidth to meet demands with working from home being the new normal with unified communications becoming pivotal to success.

Delivering private connectivity services as part of a holistic ICT solution can greatly increase customer satisfaction. Latency sensitivities increase with users as their own personal application experience improves, i.e. the 5G experience and consumerisation of all things via app. For service providers, it’s vital that they have the connectivity services that their customers require to offer an enhanced experience.

With NaaS consumed via a channel partner model, the service providers themselves do not need to be experts in networking. They can simply deliver ready-to-provision connectivity and immediately benefit from new revenue streams. It can also bring a more complete solution to a wider pool of enterprise customers.

Epsilon’s Global Channel Partner Programme

Data centres and managed service providers are finding themselves in the position of having to evolve to survive. Enterprise customers are increasingly demanding more, and the race is on to adopt and provide the latest connectivity services to stay competitive.

– Differentiating in a highly competitive market– Add value for new and existing customers
– High cost of developing and administering infrastructure– Support customer IT teams to select, broker and govern digital services
– Lack of specialised networking expertise, or desire to invest in network– Generate new, scalable revenue streams not tied to physical infrastructure
– Difficulty achieving business growth– Support customer’s digital transformation
– Delivering secure connectivity solutions

As part of our Global Channel Partner Programme, we offer Infiny as a platform for service providers who see how connectivity can underpin their own services and solutions. This enables better performance and delivers higher levels of customer satisfaction, as well as additional revenues.

Connectivity has become a critical component in the delivery of complex enterprise solutions.

It’s all about making it simple for partners to enter new markets, provide more robust solutions and develop long-term sustainable revenue streams. By focusing on outcomes and the simplest way to make partners successful, we remove the barriers to entry. We help them deliver new and powerful connectivity solutions that support growth across the value chain.

Through Infiny, customers can connect directly to our ecosystem of interconnected data centres with on-ramps to public clouds, internet exchanges (IX) and other network partners. These services are delivered via scalable, private, and secure dedicated connections.

The platform makes it fast and easy to connect services and applications. It can be used to order, provision, and manage global connectivity with network automation.

Connectivity Solutions for Partners

An Epsilon channel partner can use a single or a mixture of connectivity solutions to suit their business needs. With Infiny, these solutions can be delivered on-demand with scalable bandwidth and flexible terms:

  • Cloud Connect – Scalable, private and secure direct connections to an ecosystem of world-leading cloud service providers.
  • Data Centre Interconnect – High-performance connectivity between the leading global data centre locations.
  • Remote Peering – Remote access to internet exchanges for peering with thousands of networks and improving the speed of content and application delivery.

The speed of change in today’s market makes partnering an essential tool for serving new demand rapidly and accelerating transformation. Partnerships are a key component of cloud and application enablement and a key driver of transformation.

By working together, we make it simple for our partners to deploy new network services, expand the reach of their services, and support the sustainable growth of their business.

Our channel partner programme enables partners to rapidly monetise on-demand ethernet services. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that are ready to be deployed across the globe with a model focused on driving profitability and supporting long-term growth.

Going Beyond Traditional

Getting started with Epsilon’s partner programme is simple. Get in touch with us and we’ll go through the following steps to get you on the road to success:

Step 1 – Agree Terms and Engage
Step 2 – Interconnect and Deploy
Step 3 – Commitments and Benefits Introduction
Step 4 – Service Training
Step 5 – Configuring Infiny
Step 6 – Marketing
To remain competitive in this uncertain market condition, we make sure our channel partners are not limited by their network connectivity. It’s vital to future proof their service portfolio with the connectivity to solve the challenges of today, and meet the demands of tomorrow.
To prepare for the demands of the future, flexibility, scalability and adaptability in networking are necessities. With the right network service partner, it’s simple to expand service capabilities, reach new global markets and offer guaranteed quality of service and experience.
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