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We are continually developing and adding to our Global Interconnect Fabric. Every day, we’re making strategic decisions about where and who we partner with to create maximum value for users.

We look for hyperconnected hubs to streamline how our partners connect globally. These are destinations where there’s an abundance of Service Providers and infrastructure or where a single Service Provider can provide simplified access to multiple geographies.

In the case of NJFX, we’ve gained a like-minded partner that delivers unique access to subsea cable systems connecting Europe, the US and South America. As an NJFX partner, we gain critical links to key markets and can deliver seamless access to Internet Exchange (IX) peering, Cloud, content, local networks and submarine cable systems directly within its Colocation campus.

NJFX is the first and only Colocation campus to sit at a cable landing station and offer Tier 3, Carrier-neutral data centre capabilities. It is an integral part of an ecosystem of key connectivity providers, as well as new subsea cable projects and connects them all at the cable landing station.

“NJFX is a great partner that offers unique connectivity options in the eastern US. Our partners benefit from simple access to the largest communications hubs on three continents with a Carrier-neutral model,” said Paul Verhoeven, Sales Director Americas, Epsilon. “They’ve built a business that brings efficiency to the market and gives our US partners the ability to bypass Manhattan when connecting to Europe. That is just one of the ways that NJFX is supporting our vision for simpler and faster connectivity.”

In 2017, we partnered with Aqua Comms to deploy our on-demand connectivity platform, Infiny by Epsilon within the NJFX facility. Our partners and customers benefit from interconnecting with NJFX’s growing ecosystem of Carriers, network operators, enterprises, Cloud providers and IXs.

The partnership provides a critical bridge from North America to Europe with access to South America through a strategic alliance with Seaborn Networks. Through its partnerships, NJFX customers can strategically diversify their connectivity options to key hubs across North America, Europe, and South America and bypass traditional routes.

“We give our partners and customers unique access to subsea cable systems, Colocation facilities and domestic networks. We’re located right where subsea cables land in New Jersey and give Service Providers immediate access to two Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs) and data centre space. It is designed to give the Eastern US a hyperconnect hub that makes interconnection simple,” says Felix Seda, General Manager for NJFX. “Our partnership with Epsilon supports its vision for Cloud-centric Networking and delivering on-demand connectivity across the globe.”

Over the last decade, we’ve been delivering networking solutions and enabling our partners to benefit from IXs globally. Our global fabric includes more than 600 Service Providers as well as global IXs. We’re looking forward to continuing to expand our IX relationships around the world to give our partners greater reach and access.

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