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Riedel Networks chose Epsilon to increase its international reach with robust and flexible global backbone network connectivity. It needed a network partner that could deliver the quality and performance to support its global media solutions with an added capability to scale and adapt to changing demands.

Epsilon provided a solution that enabled it to grow in new geographies and serve the unique needs of media and sports companies across the globe. Its Ethernet services were an ideal fit for a network solutions company delivering real-time video and audio applications and communications.

With Epsilon as a network partner, Riedel Networks has scaled its business globally and seamlessly expanded into new markets.

Scale with Global Connectivity

Deliver new agility and flexibility with on-demand Ethernet services, giving your business new scalability and efficiency.
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Providing High-Performance Media Solutions across the Globe

Riedel Networks is an international network provider offering corporate networks and real-time audio and video services via its MPLS-based network worldwide. 
It focuses on building and operating data communication network services, tailor-made to the needs of its 150+ multi-national customers across all vertical industries in 65+ countries.
With experience in providing global media solutions for football games, Formula One, German Touring Car Masters, the Olympic Games and more, it requires the highest quality and flexibility in its network for its enterprise customers.
riedel networks their story


Optimising its Backbone Network to Serve Unique Enterprises

Riedel Networks enables real-time solutions that power end users’ decision making and provide outcomes that matter. It needs to constantly scale its network reach to serve a diverse customer base across various markets.
Most importantly, its services have to be delivered with a strong focus on high-quality user experience.
Riedel Networks has to ensure that it is capable of serving its customers all around the world with a consistent speed and quality.
The network supporting the services has to be high-performance yet flexible enough to grow when needed. It needed a network partner with global reach and extensive experience in delivering network connectivity quickly and at scale.


Finding a Network Partner with the Reach, Quality and Reliability

The difficulty is in finding a network partner with the reach, quality and reliability needed for media solutions such as connecting the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the sports industry. Sending video traffic can often result in sequence errors even when the line seemingly has no faults, which is a common pain point Riedel Networks needed to overcome.

With Riedel Networks specialising in such communications across the globe, it has to ensure stable and low-latency connectivity at all times. This will allow it to better control, configure, and calibrate its services in real-time while ensuring maximum security and optimum quality.

Riedel Networks has to choose a network partner that can also provide connectivity options with flexible term and scalable bandwidth. This will enable it to meet short-term demands for events such as sports and music festivals.


Data Centre Interconnect via Ethernet Network

Riedel Networks chose Epsilon as its network partner, leveraging a global interconnect fabric spanning 300 data centres with an ecosystem of networks, cloud service providers and internet exchanges. Epsilon provides Riedel Networks with the flexibility and scalability to grow its connectivity across multiple regions.
With the help of Epsilon, Riedel Networks expanded into Australia with two connections to Sydney from Singapore and Tokyo. The service was delivered within the expected timeframe which allows Riedel Networks to speed up its time to market.
The company can now quickly scale its network without the cost and complexity of large-scale infrastructure investment, while having a partner with a hands-on approach to networking and 24/7 support for setup and troubleshooting.
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Service providers like Riedel Networks rely on our ethernet network to deliver the best user experiences globally. By choosing Epsilon, they can be assured of the network quality and reliability regardless of where they are connected. Our team are at hand 24/7 to ensure the network stays up and running at optimum performance, which is essential for real-time video and audio applications and communications.

Michel RobertCEO, Epsilon

Epsilon supports our demand for high-speed and high-quality data connections across the globe, helping us serve our enterprise and media customers. The exceptional customer service, flexibility, and very high commitment make Epsilon a great partner.

Thomas BenderCOO, Riedel Networks

High Performance

Low latency and low jitter connections with guaranteed throughput

Global Reach

Seamless connectivity to digital hubs around the globe

Trusted Partner

Be present in growing markets less infrastructure investments

Single Provider

Multiple connectivity services through a single vendor

The Future

By partnering with Epsilon, Riedel Networks gains an optimised backbone network for seamless connectivity across continents. It has the freedom to grow its network as its customer base grows and can meet increasing demands in new markets. The company can also extend its network to the cloud and peer remotely at internet exchanges (IX) when needed.

With Epsilon’s Multi-Service Port offering, the company has an added flexibility to move its existing ports and deploy new Virtual Connect services in other locations. This feature will allow the company to quickly pivot its network infrastructure to fit new business strategies in the future.

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